How Does One Shatter Time?

On President Barack Obama and the Most Consequential Aspect of HisLegacy


When you meet children, you are often captivated by the interesting things they say or do, they signal to you that they may be one of the clever ones who could change the world, or influence an entire generation of thought, though the signs are not always readily apparent, sometimes they are, sometimes they stand out like the scratched can at the supermarket with all its character luring you in, urging you, pick me, I’m the one. President Barack Obama’s footprints on pathways of the universe means so much more for people of color, because the truth is, he married a colored girl from the south side knowing the odds were stacked against them, both having to overcome all that comes with being Black in America.

First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama personifies the grace befitting of the culture and before she coined the phrase: ‘[W]hen they go low, we go high’, she was doing all the right things for the children, and the people, all people, who comprise the American population; it’s not easy to constantly play nicely when you are trying to do right by people in the face of continuous adversity: it’s much harder than you think.  Consistent with her husband’s sentiment, it’s clear the Americans exercised sound judgment in electing the people most fit to lead the country, President Obama said that he, “believe[s] in a fair, and just, and inclusive America, a phrase that distills the values of these people. In considering life as a whole, when we think on words like destiny and purpose, the naked truth is this: as humans, the only thing of any real value on this earth, is time. The Obama’s, through their behavior consistently demonstrated an interest in the development of the children of all Americans, and as if that wasn’t good enough, they reached out to cover immigrant children, and then reached even further, to extend a branch to foreign children, which is remarkable considering the risks involved; they are products of their environment, both growing up and surviving what should have destroyed the hope of any child: an uneven set of odds usually does.

When you look back on the President’s legacy, it is clear why his achievements have propelled him ever upward.

With the blessing of his wife, and understanding of his children, (who undoubtedly could not foresee the extent of selflessness required of his journey, and so could not possibly have consented), President Obama was able to politically contribute to the fundamental shift in American attitudes toward race, and in reviewing recent commentary, he showed his heart: he had traces of doubt in the likelihood of accomplishing all that he has, with the world holding orchestra, balcony, and front row seats to watch his scene, and with all the pressure from black eyes that were counting on him to make us all proud: he made us proud.

...with all the pressure from black eyes that were counting on him to make us all proud: he made us proud.

When you reflect on the President’s legacy, there is no need to ask why, his purpose is patent, and the world cannot possibly miss it.  People could attempt to be dismissive, pretend they don’t see the myriad of ways in which President Obama is a success story for American politics and history, and human beings, globally, but they would only fail, that would be like not understanding what the loss of Anne Frank was to the world: a great injustice. In his continual pursuit of unity, he showed that the pursuit of harmony, and humility, and humanity are goods far greater than any commodity: most American’s were not thinking of poor children in a land so distant, and foreign, like Cuba. President Obama really believes that we are ‘our brothers’ keepers’ and that irrespective of the station we occupy in life, collectively, the children deserve a chance at a future,: these are the values the Gods saw in him, when they picked him, and these are the attitudes that resonated with the American people when they elected him.  The people saw greatness in him.

On a very serious note, President Obama’s legacy is testament to the profound changes in American perspectives. The people elected him because they too believed, society ought not to be so ‘miserably poor,’ that disparities in wealth force people into becoming Jean Valjean’s that their children might have bread.  More importantly, children around the globe look to President Obama as a symbol of the infinite possibilities America represents, for someone like them, because it was an unlikely dream for him, “a child who was raised by a single mom, a child of mixed race who did not have a lot of money…to pursue and achieve the highest office in the land…[t]hat’s what [his legacy signals is] possible in America” [See ].  The Americans, in their choice of the Obamas, were indirectly admitting, irrespective of race, we let children pursue their destinies. This is the sort of success that shatters time, the sort of progress that cannot be summarily dismissed.  Martin Luther King Jr., exited the train of life a few stops early, so he missed the President’s scene, but I would imagine, his spirit cries out with pride at his reward from the universe, at seeing the Gods making things right: it’s unfortunate really, none of us get a heads up on when it’s time.

US President Barack Obama addresses a crowd of supporters on stage on election night November 6, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.  AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad/GettyImages
US President Barack Obama addresses a crowd of supporters on stage on election night November 6, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.  AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad/GettyImages

In sum, it is this writer’s opinion, that President Barack Obama earned the right to be listed among some of the most magnificent specimens to grace the planet with the pleasure of their presence can be found in the following statement:

I have come here to bury the last remnants of the Cold War…[recognize] a common humanity, [through] [u]nderstanding, and listening, and forgiveness [which allows] the young people of today…to live with dignity and achieve their dreams…[w]e can make this journey as friends, and as neighbors, and as family…together [Cite].

One can only hope the American people understand no monetary instrument can purchase, time.

-- @Janelle Marshall for The Lives Of Men

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