The Lives of Men is the compass that helps men navigate different life stages. Here is how we can help:

Private & Corporate Client Consulting Services

Personal Development

  • "Who Am I? "
    • A 3-Part workshop focusing on developing confidence, self-esteem and creating your best self.
  • “A Healthy Guide to Heartbreak & Healing”
    • A 3-Part program on transmuting pain into prosperity
  • Developing Your Sense of Style
    • Positioning Yourself for Success Through Style
  • "From Boys II Men - Charting a Path to Healthy Masculinity
    • Customized workshops with a focus on reframing masculinity, patriarchy from a feminist perspective. Workshops are facilitated one-on-one or in group settings. 

Career Development

  • From College to “The Real World”
    • 5-point plan for transitioning from college into the workforce
  • Developing Your Career Plan
    • 4-part program for setting goals and preparing an action plan for success

Diversity & Inclusion Strategies

  • Understanding, Attracting & Retaining Diverse Talent – A workshop for HR Professionals

If you are interested in any of these services, please email us at