Salute to Single Dads

Are you handling your business as a single dad?

Are you playing an active role in your child’s life?

Do you provide financial and emotional support for your child’s development?



We can’t stress the importance of a Dad’s presence in his kid’s life. Studies show that a father’s love and involvement can influence a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. These are all attributes critical in the development of a well-rounded, emotionally stable adult. We know that a lot of men have disappeared and we are not taking them off the hook, but not all Brothas run. There are many men who are not only fulfilling their roles as fathers but also as productive men in society. We are here to celebrate you and inspire those who are struggling to find their way.



Maybe the relationship with your child’s mom is shaky, or you don’t have the opportunity to see your child as much as you’d like – remember, the key is to make the best of the time you do share together. Trust that as long as you’ve handled your business, your child will know that Daddy was always there.

Remember “Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a Dad”. We’d love to hear feedback from both single moms and dads. How can we work together better for the sake of our children?

Our brother Hakim Tafari sums it up best:

I look at being a single father as one of my greatest life lessons. It taught me humility, vulnerability, love, compassion and a whole lot of patience! There is a Tao to fatherhood, once you fully embrace, it becomes Pure Magic!