A Black Queen’s Soliloquy

To say that I am disappointed in you is to say the least.  How can someone so revered by queens disregard their hearts? How can you be a cowardly soldier and not fight to protect us?


How can you let the world destroy us by telling us that we are not beautiful and not edify us?  How can you hate the women that love you the most?  How can you be content with not rising and advancing spiritually, emotionally, physically, and all of the adverbs ending in ly?  How can you be content with your queens overworking themselves to provide for you?  How can you think more with your heart chakra instead of your sacral chakra (nickname for Richard)?  How can you say your word is bond and your word isn’t bond?  How can you give the bare minimum to someone that gives you their all?    How can you make a child and leave? How can you miss out on yoking together with a queen?  How can you make us feel insecure when you should be helping us heal old karma?   How can you not be concerned with not building empires with your queen?  Can our kundalini rise together?  How can you expect a healthy relationship when you stop courting us and making us feel like your queen?  How can you be so intelligent and be so insipid at the same damn time?  How can you be content with scarring the hearts of angels and distorting them in such a way that many of us never heal from a broken heart?   How can you be so callous?  

Do you not recognize your power as a black man?  Do you not know that black women have been holding you down since the dinosaurs became extinct?  What more do we have to do to prove how much we love you?  We’ve held you down from slavery to freedom, from The Harlem Renaissance to The Civil Rights Movement, from wars to gunshot wounds, from the Rockefeller Drug Laws and Giuliani Administration to present day.   

But as much as I am disappointed in you, I am also in awe of your being.  Your existence is everything! Everything I tell you.  Your ability to carry the world on your shoulders and not cry is unfathomable.  Your ability to thrive in a school system that is manufactured to increase the school- to- prison pipeline is unfathomable.  Your ability to advance in a society that keeps moving the finish line is unfathomable.  Your ability to be innovative and to have your entire existence appropriated by society is unfathomable.  So the idea of not experiencing Dope Black Love to me is unfathomable.

I think it’s a waste of life to not experience Dope Black Love.  Dope Black Love is so frigging dope that there is no other descriptor to define how magnanimous this union can be.  I’m tired of wishing for Dope Black Love, how many times do you have to tell a king he’s dope before he believes that he is dope?  Tired of being in my bag as my students declare I’m always in.  Having said that, I will end this letter by saying that I wish everyone an opportunity to experience DOPE BLACK LOVE in their lifetime for a long time.