Dear Little Girl: An Ode to International Women’s Day

Dear Little Girl,

You are the future.

I pray that you recognize your dreams as the gateway to your future,

a pathway propelling you to endless possibilities.

As you wish upon a star, see that you have the right to float among the stars,

the liberty to blast off into a universe where your spaceship takes you far away from the confines of this world.

Dream like our government depends on it because the women who stood on the frontlines before you sought suffrage so you could succeed as senators.

In the face of adversity, see that you are who we need to nurse the wounds of our society — the dedicated doctors who can band together and apply the stitches needed to aid this damaged democracy.

Little girl — marvel at your memory of how matriarchs molded the men who guide our ideals today but hold your head high when you witness such men forget who got them to where they are today.

As you advocate for women’s equality, 

hold tight to your hope that more men will stand by your side consistently and confidently instead of when it’s convenient or comfortable.

With the advent of technology, ConTRoL your mind, ALTernate your beliefs, and DELete any thought that deceives you into thinking there’s no place for you in the valleys or the hubs.

Crack the codes that allow you to enter an arena where there are so many women in tech, that little girls delight in data and evoke excitement in engineering because you taught them the game.

Litigate cases with tenacity and wit, smiling as you display that you can appeal to all cases and prove anything in the court of law -- case closed.

Use your God-given gifts to run past records in sports — surpass the achievements of those who set the mark years ago while you also erase the gap that distinguishes men’s sports from women’s.

Enlighten those who never believed that footballers could be female or scoffed at the idea that a woman could hold her own with the “big boys” on the stock exchange.

When you grasp that Grammy, take the stage and speak your mind powerfully and passionately — never allowing the notion that a woman should “be polite” to spark you into silence. You should be seen and heard.

Dear little girl, your dreams are to be treasured more than gold because they shine bright for everyone to see — illuminating a world in need of your radiance.

For when the morning meets you at sunrise and your dreams are delayed until nightfall:

I pray that you recognize your dreams as the gateway to your future,

a pathway propelling you to endless possibilities.

You are the future.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay 

#IWD2019 #TheLivesofMen

Written by: Kyle Walcott | IG: @kywally

Original artwork: Akeeme Hogg | IG: @paddingtonthebear