Get To Know Us

The Lives of Men (TLoM) is an integrated media and lifestyle brand that chronicles unique stories from the perspective of men of color. We inspire, activate and nurture the development of well-rounded men while serving as a compass to help them navigate their life’s journey.

Jason Rosario

Jason Rosario is the founder and creator of The Lives of Men, an integrated media and lifestyle brand that chronicles unique stories from the perspective of men of color. An Afro-Latino man of and for the culture, Jason infuses all of his life experiences from growing up in NYC to living and traveling abroad – into creating platforms that support and uplift his community.

Jason is a graduate of NYU’s Stern School of Business and has a background in finance and commercial real estate. With a unique blend of style, culture, education and spirituality, Jason’s aim is to inspire, activate and nurture the development of well-rounded men.



Claudio E. Cabrera is a 33-year-old award-winning search engine optimization specialist.

Approaching close to a decade in digital media, Cabrera has grown some of the largest brands in the digital space such as InteractiveOne, Eurweb, Black Enterprise and CBS Local to name a few. 

He is currently working on the book, “Y Tu Ere Dominicano,” which chronicles his life growing up in Washington Heights and Inwood as a dark-skin Dominican man. 

Alex Vega

Alex Vega is an entrepreneurial minded creative who has consulted for numerous brands and start ups. She is a woman who recognizes the needs of her community and is steadfast to take action through her deliberate and intentional collaborations. Alex is a graduate of Full Sail University and has a background in Brand Strategy, Business Development and Human Resources. Her work has taken her around the world, providing a unique global perspective. With a passion for photography, personal development and connection with others, Alex brings a direct, honest and sincere point of view to The Lives of Men.


Charlie Vargas

Charlie Vargas is a strategic content collaborator for the Lives of Men. Born and raised in the Washington Heights/Harlem area of New York City, Charlie understands the importance of giving back to the communities that have raised him. An attorney by trade, Charlie provides legal representation to individuals from impoverished communities in the areas of Criminal Defense, Family and Housing law. As a collaborator, Charlie has engaged thought leaders from various organizations and industries concerning the topics of youth, education and entrepreneurship.

With a keen sense for the influence of culture and its role in galvanizing groups of people under a common goal, Charlie’s goal is to inspire and provide outlets for underserved minority youth.

Patrick Ramos

Patrick is a passionate entrepreneur, designer, and developer from NYC. He has over 10 years of experience designing and developing technology solutions for numerous clients ranging from simple websites to more robust web/mobile applications.

He is particularly keen on identifying and creating an MVP (minimal viable product) to test hypothesis in the early stages of a product's lifecycle. He uses technology to make processes more efficient and easy to use.

Patrick strives to inspire and instill confidence in underserved youth seeking careers in technology -- an industry so void of familiar faces in executive leadership positions.