My name is Darnell Jackson and welcome to my website The Lives of Men.

The Lives of Men is your ultimate destination for everything related to men’s grooming, styling guides and tips, accessories and more.

Based out of California, I frequently attend seminars and self-care conferences across the globe. This has helped me better understand men’s grooming techniques, and with hands-on experience over the years at various salons, I’m able to provide you with easy to understand guides and reviews of some of the most sought after personal care products for men.

What do we do at The Lives of Men?

At The Lives of Men we have dedicated our resources and time to talk about and review Men’s personal care and grooming related topics, stuff like how to get waves, the best hair products you can buy, top quality grooming and self care essentials, tips and so on.

Our Reviews

We have a wide range of topics which have been covered, but our primary focus are on the following

  1. Men’s Hair Care Products
  2. Self Care Essentials
  3. Grooming Tips and Tricks
  4. Styling Products
  5. Grooming Essentials and Accessories

and much more..

How do we Earn?

The Lives of Men earns revenue via referrals, this means that any purchase made via the links listed in each article on our website will lead us to receive a commission from the source.

We also have the ability to earn revenue from the advertisements we run across the website.

All readers and potential buyers will not be charged any additional fee from The Lives of Men.

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