Best Air Force 1 Outfits For Guys

Best Air Force 1 Outfits For Guys 2022

If you’ve already got the latest air force 1 sneakers, check out these air force 1 outfits for guys to create several fashionable looks around it. From jeans to chinos to casual shorts, you can pair them with anything.

What’s hot, hip and in fashion for guys right now? The Air Force 1s of course! These pair of shoes are just the addition you need today.

If you already have a pair in your closet but don’t know what to pair them with, (cos let’s face it, there is nothing worse than wearing a pair of fashionable shoes with the wrong outfit), you’re on the right page. So here are the best Air Force 1 outfits for guys.

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Through the Air Force 1 shoes were created many decades ago, they are a classic and never go out of style. Over the years they have been worn by celebrities and fashion trendsetters, making these an indispensable part of a guy’s wardrobe.

There is a huge range of clothes that can be styled with these shoes and these have hence become a staple in many people’s lives – literally, the “go-to” shoes that can never let you down. 

While regular white shoes can be paired with a range of outfits, the Air Force 1s require a little more thought and planning as these are chunky and may have a high top.

These are shoes that you certainly want to show off and don’t want to keep hidden under baggy trousers. Here are some options for you to wear with your Air Force 1 shoes:

Best Air Force 1 Outfits For Guys

Air Force 1s with a pair of classic blue jeans

airforce 1 outfits

This combination never goes out of style. Blue jeans and white sneakers is a classic that you cannot go wrong with.

However, the kind of blue jeans you wear matters. Keep them plain and subtle without colors or patchwork patterns on the jeans.

Wear jeans that are narrow legged and preferably those that stop at your ankle. Pair your jeans with a classic dark green or navy tee to really keep the focus on your shoes. 


Roll up the edge of your jeans to achieve a cooler look. 

Air Force 1 sneakers with a pair of black jeans:

airforce 1 outfit ideas

This is a pairing that not many guys may be comfortable with, but trust us, it works. Black jeans can be a little tricky as over a period of time they can lose their shade or have fade lines running across them and these are unforgiving.

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Pick a pair of good quality blacks that are made of a fabric that won’t fade easily with every wash. Iron them after a wash and keep them in that gorgeous jet black shade. T

op these jeans with a funky tee-shirt but with a plain colored base to break the monotony and keep you looking stylish. 


Skinny black jeans will do a better job with your air force ones. 

Distressed Jeans with Air Force one 

Airforce 1 outfit guys

Distressed jeans give off a youthful, boyish vibe and can be quite interesting when worn with a pleasant shirt or tee shirt.

Keep the focus on the rips and stay away from any other additions on the jeans that might get a bit distracting or “too much”. These jeans have to be fitted to be used with your Air Force 1s.  


Try folding the ends of the jeans to showcase your Air force 1s. 

Cotton or stretch pants with Air Force ones 

Airforce 1 outfits for guys

This might be a little tricky to pull off but it is a sure shot hit if you find the right kind. Wear pants in neutral shades that are just above the ankle and not too short.

Now that’s the easy part. The trick here is to couple these with a pair of funky socks. Choose something that shows off your personality and can be seen in the space between your sneakers and your pants.

The colour of your socks really matters here. Keep it in contrast with your pants cos you don’t want your outfit to blend in. Wear a simple tee shirt with a print or a phrase to make it even more interesting.

As we said, this is surely not that simple to pull off but if you do, you’re definitely going to be the coolest amongst your friends. 


Wear stretch pants that are dark colored. 

Joggers with Air Force ones 

outfits for airforce one

Joggers are a hit or miss kinda trousers. You need a certain attitude, a certain vibe to wear these. This look ain’t for everybody but you will be the king of fashion if you can dress up in a pair of joggers and your white Air Force 1s!

Though this might be a tough look, it is certainly one of our favorites as those who do pull it off look really cool and attractive. With these again, the colour and shade of the trousers you choose matter.

Pick plain colors in neutral or dark shades to complement your sneakers. Wear these with a funky shirt or tee shirt to complete the look. 


Wear black joggers to prioritize the sneakers. 

Colorful or designed trouser outfit with Air Force 1 

If you want to stand out from the crowd with a young and bold outfit, wear trousers that are colorful or flashy. Stay away from very light base colors and go for darker, brighter shades.

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However, let this be the only highlighted piece in the ensemble, and keep the rest subtle. Keep the structure of your trousers well fitted, with narrow legs to taper down and show off your shoes.

If you like to go super bold, wear them cropped and add another funky piece in the form of your contrast socks. 


You could match the whole funky look with a hat as shown in the picture. It will complete the look. 

Air Force 1 with white outfit for guys

outfit for guys that go with airforce one

Now, this may make you go “whaaaat”, but yeah, you could pair them with white. Just be careful to wear cropped pants so that you add a pop of colour in the form of some great socks.

Here your highlighted piece is going to be those socks so keep them long and in a bright colour. Wear them patterned or with a monogram or a nice funky design and show them off. Wear a subtle shirt to top off the look. 


White shirts go really well with blue jeans. Try to match it with a distressed blue jean. 

A good denim jacket with Air Force 1 

Best Airforce i outfit for men

Since Airforce 1s are a classic, they do well with other pieces of clothing that are classic as well. Denim jackets can give you the retro look quite effortlessly. You hardly need anything else to pep up the look when you have this piece.

Wear a plain denim jacket or if you are bold enough, wear one with embellishments. No matter how you wear it, this is a good match. Wearing the airforce with skinny jeans and a denim jacket will be a treat!

A black leather jacket with Air Force one sneakers 

teen guys trend

This is another piece that contributes to the retro look while keeping it classy. Leather jackets, depending on their design can make you look super slick and posh.

Here, choose one without embellishments and with minimum pockets, something that solely focuses on the quality and feel of the fabric.

To be ethical or to keep the cost low, you can opt for a faux leather jacket, but be sure that it has a matte finish and does not look cheap.  

A Plaid shirt with Air Force 1 for guys 

airforce 1

An all-time favourite with men and women alike, the plaid never goes out of fashion. This is one of the best ideas to nail that casual, yet hot, look.

Wear your oldest (or newest) plaid with some buttons undone, over a plain tee and a pair of good old jeans. These with your white Air Force 1s are sure to turn heads.  

A good belt with Air Force ones 

Best clothes to wear with air force 1

No guy’s outfit is complete without a belt. If you think you can get away without a belt, think again. Many men ignore this accessory and that is such a fashion faux-pas.

Whatever the belt you are choosing, make sure it is of good quality. Wear a casual belt in a brilliant colour if the rest of your outfit is monotonous, to give you a pop.

Keep your belt buckle big and interesting, provided this is the only accessory you are using. You could wear the airforce ones with suits which is a most styled combination for guys. 

A cap or a hat with Air Force sneakers 

Black airforce 1 for guys

Another accessory that you must have if you love wearing casual clothes, is a nice, cool-looking cap or hat. Get something that has a denim finish to give it that casual edge and pair it with your clothes and sneakers. 

Full black with Air Force 1 

Wearing full black with an airforce 1s can be a real game-changer if you’re looking at being mellow yet adding some charm factor in your clothing. 

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You can go with grey, white or light blue for your vest and complete it with a black leather jacket. For the bottom you can go with distresses black jeans or even trousers will do. 

This outfit can be great for formal and casual outings. 

Flannel t-shirt with light blue jeans with Air Force 1 

Wearing your flannels can be an exciting look for both formal as well as casual days. We love how the whole look blends in with the airforce 1s. Make sure your airforce 1s are upto your ankles so that it completes the whole look. 

Even though we are rooting for the light blue jeans, you can match it with black as well. 

White sweats with Air Force 1 

White sweatshirts can be that priced possessions in your wardrobe that you keep for a really special event or occasion. 

Well, the Air Force 1s can be of super great style to these styles. Just make sure your jean is in the darkest shade possible so that your sweats and your Air Force 1s align well. 

Best Air Force 1 outfits

If you don’t already know, Air Force 1s are basketball shoes made with the “Air” technology of Nike. These are still used widely as performance shoes but more and more guys and girls are opting to wear these as a style statement, and why not?

These shoes are not only stylish but also very comfortable as sneakers should be and offer good support to the feet, therefore, a perfect choice. 

How do men wear Air Force ones with jeans? 

This is one of the most popular combinations guys go with since air force ones have the capability to make anything mediocre into something cool and fancy. In fact air force ones go the best with jeans. Here are some tips to wear it better, 

  • You could tuck in the ends of your jeans into the sneakers to make it look part of the outfit. 
  • Another way is to fold your pants or wear an ankle-length jean to give more prominence to the sneakers. 
  • Our favorite is the ripped jean combo with the air force ones. It makes it look super casual and yet bold. 

Whatever you match with your air force one sneakers make sure you highlight it so that it completes your look. 

Can you wear Air Force ones with shorts? 

Yes, the air force one series can be worn with shorts and it looks amazing. However, you will have to make sure you don’t pair it with khaki but instead match with denim or colored shorts. This combination looks the most casual and effortless and can be chosen as an everyday look. 

The style of shoes you choose is completely up to what appeals to you but make sure you wear the right clothes and the right colors to go with it. You can choose your trademark style or experiment with different styles, taking notes from our article. 

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