Best Clippers for Black Men

Best Clippers for Cutting Black Men Hair 2023

If you’re looking for the best clippers for black men then you’re at the right place. 

Black men generally have coarse and curly hair which tends to get difficult to cut and not all clippers are powerful enough to offer a clean cut hairstyle. But there are some brands that cater to the needs of black men, brands like Andis, Wahl and even Oster have released clippers that have been specifically designed for black men.

Over the course of this article, I will take you through the top 8 best clippers for black men that you can find online. 

In order to figure out which are the best clippers in the market for black men, we happened to try and test out well over 15 different clippers on black men. Our team found that the best clipper for black men is the Oster Classic ’76 Universal Clipper. This is a top-rated clipper that is equipped with a high-performance motor and comes with a nice set of accessories to cut any length of hair.

Apart from the Wahl Professional, here are the top 8 best clippers for black men. Check them out!

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How to choose the best clippers for black men hair?

The most important thing to note is that not all clipper are equipped to take on black hair. Since the hair on black men is tougher to cut and coarse, the blades of any regular hair clipper would wear out quite easily.

Here are a bunch of questions we asked ourselves while buying hair clippers for black men.

Are the durable?

The most important thing to remember is that the clippers you choose to buy should be durable and made from high-quality components. It should be designed to withstand vibrations and should not get easily damaged. An additional bonus would be getting a pair of clippers that are waterproof.

Is it powerful enough?

When you’re cutting the hair of a black man, you will need to ensure that the clipper has a powerful motor and will not burn out easily. Choose a clipper that’s equipped with a high RPM motor as they’re able to cut through coarse hair with ease.

Corded or cordless?

New age clippers for black men are versatile and can be used wirelessly thanks to manufacturers using lithium-ion batteries. It’s advisable to get a pair of clippers that are both wired and offer a wireless experience simply because you won’t have to wait a long time for the clipper to be charged before using it again. One of the problems with cordless clippers is that as the battery dies they tend to lose power nad you’ll experience a drop in its performance.

What features do they come with?

You will also have to ask yourself how you plan on using the clippers and if you need any particular additional feature. Check and see whether the clipper offers different trim settings, speed settings and also if it comes with hair comb guides and attachments.

Are they easy to maintain?

Another thing you need to ask yourself is if the clippers are easy to clean and maintain since you don’t want to spend hours cleaning them after every trim. Check whether the clippers you choose come with a cleaning brush or blade oil as you will have to follow the appropriate cleaning protocols.

Top 8 Best Clippers for Black Men

Oster Classic ‘76 Universal Clipper

Best Clippers for Black Men

The Oster Classic ‘76 is a retro clipper that has been used by professional barbers around the world for ages. The classic 76 will let you create high-quality cuts and is definitely not something you would expect from a set of clippers with such a retro design and form factor.

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This clipper costs upward of $100 and this is thanks to the high-performance motor and detachable stainless steel blades that can easily cut through coarse and thick hair like butter. 

The ergonomic design of this clipper offers the best grip possible and along with the 9-foot long power cable you can easily move around without worrying about the length of the cable. 

Best Clippers for Black Men

You should consider this clipper simply because it comes with additional 000 and 1 blade guards along with a cleaning brush, lubricating oil for the blades and a tube of electric clipper grease if you’re servicing your clipper.

This is truly a good pair of clippers and is currently considered the best clipper for black men.

Powerful motorQuite expensive
9-foot long durable cableNo adjustable speed settings
Nice collection of accessories

Check it out on Amazon

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

Best Clippers for Black Men

The Remington HC4250 is a well-designed clipper that is compact in size and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. You will easily have fun with these clippers and turn your whole haircut into a DIY project.

This clipper for black men is a wonderful choice as it’s ergonomic, washable and has a 40 minutes run time from a single 4 hour charge which is rather sad. We found the entire kit to be a delight, with 14 individual pieces to choose from, you can have any hairstyle you want in a matter of minutes.

Best Clippers for Black Men

The stainless steel blade is curved so it can fit the contour of your head. This makes it a highly efficient clipper and truth be told, it’s probably one of the coolest looking hair clippers in the market right now.

But to top it all off, the best feature about the Remington that will make you want to consider buying it is that you can use it both wired or wireless and never have to worry about lack of power. Just make sure you use the cleaning brush that comes with it so the blades don’t get clogged.

Futuristic and ergonomic designLow performance when used wirelessly
Budget friendly

Check it out on Amazon

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip

Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

One of the top rated barber-grade clippers that work wonders on black men is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip. These lightweight and compact clippers feature a crunch blade design permitting you to achieve the close-cut look you desire. It’s powered by a motor which delivers just the right amount of power to cut any hairstyle.

It runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery that will provide you with around 90 minutes of running time from a single charge which is perfect for those looking to perform intricate hairstyles.

Best Clippers for Black Men

The stylish clippers feature high-precision blades that can be adjusted using the side loaded taper level that lets you blend, fade and is perfect for trimming thick and coarse hair. 

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The 5-Star Magic Clip comes with a set of 8 separate guards of sizes between ⅛” to 1”, clipper blade oil, a blade guard and a cleaning brush to remove the loose strands of hair. This fast, accurate and easy-to-use clipper is ideal for black men and is certainly the best hair clipper for black men.

Powerful battery with 90 minutes run timeNo battery indicator
Silent motorNot budget friendly
Professional styling capability

Check it out on Amazon

Andis Professional Master Adjustable Clippers

Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

Andis is known for their impressive high-performance devices and one clipper that i’m sure you will love is the Andis Master. These adjustable hair clippers offer a cutting speed of 14,000 strokes per minute which is a lot higher than other brands that cap their clippers at 2500-8000 strokes per minute.

Thanks to the powerful motor, super fine and sharp blades, the Andis Master is able to easily cut through coarse and thick hair without any hiccups. The tapering lever is found on the left side of the clipper and you can then adjust the blade from anywhere between 000 to size 1.

Best Clippers for Black Men

To make things easier, the power switch to turn on/off the device is located right next to the tapering lever. The Master adjustable is the corded version of the Master series from Andis and though they do look the same, the cordless model offers less power and would not be suitable for black hair.

Efficient and powerful motorHas to be oiled regularly
Ideal for fades
Durable aluminum body

Check it out on Amazon

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless for Seniors

Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

Don’t be surprised if there are more than one Wahl clippers here,  they’re simply too good to ignore. One of their commercial-grade line of products is the 5-Star Series Senior Clippers that has been engineered to deliver the best precise haircut for black men with thick and coarse hair.

This clipper lets you create blends and fades with the tap of the lever and is perfect especially if you’re working toward bulk hair removal. It’s powered by a high-performance rotary motor that runs on a durable Li-ion battery that offers up to 70 minutes of running time from a single charge.

Best Clippers for Black Men

One of the reasons to go for the 5-Star cordless for seniors is for the fact that each kit comes with 6 guide combs, a charging adapter, styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush and beard oil. Since it’s priced at under $200, it may not be ideal for everyone especially if you’re on a budget.

High-performance rotary motorExpensive
70 minutes battery life
Well equipped kit with accessories

Check it out on Amazon

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot-Motor Clipper

Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

The Oster Fast Feed is one product that needs no introduction. You would have probably seen it being used at your local barber shop and is one of the most reliable clippers for black men that you could ever buy.

The Fast Feed runs on a whisper quiet pivot motor that is attached to adjustable Cryogen-x blade stainless steel blades to offer a clean-cut hairstyle. It can be adjusted from between 000 to 1 and comes with 4 comb guide attachments and a blade guard apart from a small collection of accessories.

Best Clippers for Black Men

It has been designed to work silently and make sure your productivity levels are up. The clipper is wired so you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of charge in the middle of the haircut and features an ergonomic build so you find it comfortable while giving yourself a haircut.

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Whisper quiet motorHard to position the guards
Stainless steel bladesLimited accessories
Comfortable to use

Check it out on Amazon

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Best Clippers for Black Men

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is clearly one of the best hair trimmers for black men that we have had the chance to review. It is packed with everything you need for your trim and is equipped with a rather powerful motor that can cut through thick hair with ease.

It has been designed ergonomically and can be left standing up-right, thanks to the flat base. This multi-groom goatee trimmer can be used not only on your beard, but even your hair and body.

Best Clippers for Black Men

While checking the longevity of the battery, the Series 7000 clipper ran for around 4-5 hours continuously. We even noticed that the blades are made of stainless steel and are self-sharpening, so you wouldn’t have to worry about oiling it frequently.

The only drawback I would say, is that since the body is made from durable and heavy-duty stainless steel, it’s not lightweight and would be far less portable than other beard trimmers in this list.

Long battery lifeHeavy to use
Self sharpening blades

Check it out on Amazon

Wahl Color Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

Best Clippers for Black Men

Here a fun to use set of clippers, the Wahl color pro is a cordless set that delivers an even haircut every time it’s powered on. It’s one of the few clippers on this list that comes with a pair of stainless steel scissors, a styling comb and even a barbers comb so you can set and cut your hair the way you’d like to.

One of the best features of the Wahl color pro is the fact that it comes with color coded blade guards with their respective codes listed on the handle of the clipper, making it easier for you to know which size guard you are using on your hair.

Best Clippers for Black Men

The Wahl color pro comes equipped with a powerful motor that can be used on coarse and thick hair. It can be used either as a wireless clipper or if you want uninterrupted high-performance then you can go ahead and plug in the charger and use it as a wired clipper.

They truly are one of the best clippers in the market for black men and because they come with a range of accessories to choose from, they are probably one of the best clippers to use at home.

Perfect for thick hairBulky and heavy
Budget friendly
Color coded attachments

Check it out on Amazon


What is included in the package?

Each set of clippers come with different accessories within their boxes. Normally you will receive a combination of tools and accessories that you will definitely need if you’re planning to  get into hairstyling.

Other brands include a full-fledged hair styling kit that includes scissors, a comb and even a barbers brush to set your hair.

Must I oil or sharpen the blades of my hair clippers?

This as well depends on whether the pair of clippers you have come with self-sharpening blades or whether they require to be manually cleaned. Blade oil will come only with those clippers that require to be cleaned manually and this will be mentioned in the description on the packaging of the product or in the description on the website.

Is the clipper water resistant?

This is another factor that depends on the model of clipper you’re going to buy. Some are safe to use in the shower whereas others are not and would get damaged. If you do not read anywhere that the clippers are waterproof then they are not and you should steer clear from bodies of water.

How can I avoid razor bumps?

Razor bumps is an issue faced by all men who shave or use clippers. There are ways you can avoid razor bumps like by prepping your skin before using the clippers and by moisturizing your skin after you have finished your shave.

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