best sleep cap for wavy hair

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair 2022

Are you searching for the best sleep cap for wavy hair? If yes, then read on to find out more.

With discussions of growing pollution that’s encircling almost every space of our planet, skin and hair care concerns also come up. While there’s no dearth of talks around different types of hair care essentials, there still remains significant ambiguity around how to keep your hair in proper shape.

The enigma only furthers for those with curly or wavy hair. Experts suggest that besides picking up the proper shampoo or conditioner it’s of utmost importance to pay heed to the finest aspects in order to protect your wavy or curly hair from the everyday wear and tear. 

As long as you are busy in your daily chores, things are relatively fine but while asleep, wavy hair is prone to some significant damage. To keep the overnight damage at bay, it’s essential to use a sleep cap or hair cap (bonnet) which helps protect you from waking up with frizzy hair.

That being said, I will now take you through the top rated sleep caps for wavy hair and how you can choose the best one for your personal use.

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Best Sleep Cap for Wavy HairMaterial
Swirly Curly Hair Bonnet for Thick and Natural Curly HairSatin
Grace Eleyae Slap CapCharmeuse Satin
Slip Pure Silk TurbanPure Silk
Glow By Daye Satin BonnetSatin
Evolve Exotics Satin Moroccan BonnetSatin
Lilysilk Silk CapPure Silk
Saymre Large Silky Bonnet Satin Sleep CapSilk & Satin Lining
Red by Kiss Premium Quality Glitter BonnetSatin
Zimasilk Mulberry Silk Sleep CapPure Silk
Evolve Exotics Classic Sunset BonnetSatin

How to select a hair cap which suits you the best ?

While there’s no denying the usefulness of a hair cap, it’s noteworthy that hair experts suggest different hair caps for different hair types. Out in a nearby lifestyle store or on your favorite online shopping portal, one can find several types of hair caps on offer.

However, choosing the best hair cap for your specific hair type can be a bit tricky. Here are some of the main things to look at when buying a sleep cap for wavy hair.

  • Well, it’s no secret that you should always ensure that your sleep cap is comfortable, fits your head well and most importantly, has a permeable membrane which allows air to breathe in through your hair.
  • While there are several sleep caps available on the internet as well as your local store, experts suggest that using a silk or satin sleep cap offers optimal benefits, particularly to those with wavy or curly hair.
  • Silk and satin sleep caps or bonnets are not only easy to wear but also pretty adjustable.

Types of Satin and Silk Hair Bonnets

Even while shopping out for silk and satin bonnets, one does need to keep in mind the available variety of these sleep caps. There are different types of silk and satin sleep caps suitable for different kinds of hair-length and hair styles which are discussed as follows:

  1. Soft Satin Bonnet Sleeping Cap – Soft to touch and made of 100% polyester, these are mostly three-pack satin bonnets with a thick elastic band. A bit smaller in size, these sleeping caps are suitable for those with a comparatively smaller head or short hair length. 
  1. Adjustable Satin Bonnet – The adjustable satin bonnet is accompanied by a very useful tie at the back. The tie helps the user to firmly tighten the sleep cap according to their comfort and size of their head. This turns out to be really handy for those who often grapple with falling sleep caps. However, with a single “standard” size in place, the adjustable satin bonnet may not be helpful for those with really long and thick hair. 
  1. Oversized Satin Bonnet for Long Hair – Thanks to its two available sizes: 19 cm and 27 cm, the oversized satin bonnet is a great help to long hair. Available with an elastic band, this bonnet doesn’t slip-off easily and provides optimal care to your long and thick hair from the in-sleep wear and tear. 
  1. 100% Mulberry Silk Bonnet – If satin doesn’t quite appeal to your taste, the mulberry silk bonnet is a great pick for you as sleep caps don’t get any softer than pure mulberry silk. Thanks to its very same attribute, it is often hailed as one of the best and most widely used sleep caps in the market today. However, noteworthy is the fact that the mulberry silk bonnet is not double sided and you will have to ensure that the silk side is on the inside. 
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Now that we know the victory formulas with what to pick and what not, the equation does not necessarily reflect all market products as effectively, as it seems on paper.

Different brands with different fabric sources and production processes do see some fractional deviation in terms of final quality. Therefore, the final buying decision mostly revolves around user or expert reviews around sleep caps which are easily accessible online. 

While this may not seem to make much of a difference, if you have wavy or curly hair, even the finest compromises may have an unfavorable impact on your hair and scalp health. Clearing the clutter further, we have handpicked some of the best sleep caps which you can try your hands on in the market right now.

Top 10 Best Sleep Cap For Wavy Hair

Swirly Curly Hair Bonnet for Thick and Natural Curly Hair

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Irrespective of hair type and style, expert stylists always suggest going for a high quality premium satin bonnet. Along with optimal comfort, the best satin fabric also retains its sheen, print and luster even after years.

One such example comes from the house of Swirly Curly which also happens to be the handpicked bonnet of Vox Media Studios chief of staff and popular entertainment podcast host “Mallory Johns”. 

Johns says that the fine-grade satin material on this bonnet doesn’t lose its sheen and texture easily. Also, its adjustable buttons hold it firmly in place and have ad=n added advantage over stretched out elastics after regular use.

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Grace Eleyae Slap Cap

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

If you are one of those who are equally concerned about safety and style, the Grace Eleyae slap cap is a perfect pick for you. A top preference of celebs and stylists, this sleep cap not only has an extremely soft satin fabric into it but is also available in several colors to pick from.

Lined with ultra silky Charmeuse satin, the Slap Cap is very supple and gentle to the hair and are hence extremely effective in retaining moisture and style. Available in one generic size though, the Slap Cap is more helpful to those with relatively shorter hair or braided hair styles since the braids and twists are more likely to lie down flat.

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Also, the elastic in the Slap Cap does loosen up a bit after significant usage if falling bonnets are one of your concerns. Thankfully, you also have the option of an adjustable Eleyae Slap Cap which fixes the elastic woes with adjustable ties. 

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Slip Pure Silk Turban

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Hair bonnets barely get any better than pure silk ones which often command a relatively higher price over their satin counterparts. The Pure Silk Turban from Silk is perhaps one of the best silk sleep caps you can get right now and this example is also a favorite cap of celebs like Regina King.

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Crafted from pure mulberry silk, the Pure Silk Turban with a 22 momme thickness not only looks and feels very premium but also offers optimal protection for your hairs. Especially to your tangling curls. Moreover, the Silk Turban’s handsome size ensures that it fits even braided hair with no fuss or fumble.

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Glow By Daye Satin Bonnet

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

With more than 800 5-Star reviews on Amazon, the Glow By Daye satin bonnet is clearly a mass favorite in its segment. Available with soft-double-sided satin fabric and with bold prints, this satin bonnet puts forth a unique amalgamation of style, care and comfort. 

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Among online reviewers of the Glow By date’s satin bonnet, most of them can be seen drooling over its comfort factor while others are drawn by its drawstring that allows easy adjustability. 

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Evolve Exotics Satin Moroccan Bonnet

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Priced at just around $5 on Amazon, the Evolve Exotics Satin Moroccan bonnet is a great value for money proposition. Alongside being one of the most popular sleep caps in the market, this particular example also enjoys heaps of positive reviews and ratings on Amazon. 

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

The Exotics Satin Moroccan offers good quality satin texture, has no dye-transfer and is also available in assorted prints which look attractive. As per reviews though, its biggest USP is said to be its design and its good fit. Moreover, with a firm grip, it also doesn’t slip-off easily while sleeping.

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Lilysilk Silk Cap

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Lilysilk’s silk bonnets are particularly known for their excellent performance in lab tests. Apart from sleep caps, Lilysilk is also a go-to brand for a large section of buyers looking for silk apparel ranging from dresses, shirts, pillowcases, comforters and others. 

What helps Lilysilk and its products stand out is the brand’s top-notch quality bundled with an affordable price tag. Online buyers also highlight in their reviews that this particular silk cap is cozy, comfortable, lightweight and it also fits really well.

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

It’s neither too tight, nor too soft. There is also a popular suggestion that the Lilysilk bonnets are one of the best sleep caps in the market for braided as well as curly/ wavy hair.

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Saymre Large Silky Bonnet Satin Sleep Cap

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Another budget-friendly popular sleep cap in the market is the Saymre Large Silky Bonnet Satin. This perfect value for money example gets a large size making it a really suitable choice for those with thick or really long hair. 

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Coupled with an easy resting wide band and edge-friendly elastic, the large silky bonnet also checks the comfort and fitting boxes really well. The soft satin lining too feels smooth to the touch while simultaneously offering great comfort to your hair and scalp.

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Red by Kiss Premium Quality Bonnet

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Next onto this list is another affordable “Premium Quality Bonnet” by Red by Kiss. The jumbo sized sleep cap comes in a shiny pink shade and can comfortably squeeze in every single strand of your hair.

Ideal for long and curly hair, this bonnet takes excellent care of your style while its wide satin-lined headband ensures optimal fir and easy comfort on your scalp.

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Zimasilk Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Made of 100% pure mulberry silk, the Zimasilk mulberry silk sleep cap is another specimen which is trusted by several hair experts and influencers. Thanks to its top-notch silk material, it’s lightweight, soft as well as highly breathable. 

The Zimasilk sleep cap also has a perfectly generic size into it which fits most of the buyers without any hassle. Especially to those with shorter or wavy hair. The added adjustable ribbon further adds to the convenience with its flexible yet firm grip

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Evolve Exotics Classic Sunset Bonnet

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

While there are several budget-friendly bonnets available online today, most of them do tend to compromise with their build and quality. Available at roughly around $3.5 on Amazon, the Evolve Exotics Classic Sunset Bonnet luckily doesn’t. 

Best Sleep Cap for Wavy Hair

Been on continuous sale for the longest time now, the classic sunset bonnet is one of the most popular offerings among budget-oriented buyers. It has a good fabric into it, if not the best, has an adequate size, slips-on easily and also firmly sticks to your head. Thanks to its thick non-abrasive elasticity.

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Benefits of wearing a sleep cap for wavy hair

Sleep caps with their added cushioning between your pillow and scalp bring in a whole bunch of advantages not only to your hair but also your overall health.

  • For starters, a sleep cap prevents scalp irritation which leads to dandruff and hair fall, especially with wavy hair.
  • Furthermore, sleep caps also help regulate your body temperature irrespective of your hair style and this is something which turns out to be really helpful for those living in colder regions.
  • Putting on a sleep cap before going to bed locks moisture in your hair and prevents it from any frizz.

Given the numerous benefits of sleep caps though coupled with your hair care concerns often leads people to ambiguity around selection of sleep caps.


Are hair bonnets good for wavy hair?

Sleep caps, hair bonnets or hair turbans are very helpful for those with curly or wavy hair. The soft and comfortable of the bonnet protects the hair from frizz and retains its moisture, thus protecting hair style and hair fall. However, bonnets are equally helpful with other hair types and styles as well.

How do you sleep with wavy hair? 

Apart from using a soft and comfortable hair bonnet, experts suggest people with curly or wavy hair to follow certain other habits which include: using a silk or satin pillowcase, putting your hair in a “pineapple”, do twists or braids and even try a spritz or two of product.

 Which type of bonnet is best for curly hair?

Silk bonnets are said to be the best hair bonnets one can get which is effective for all hair styles. However Silk bonnets are particularly helpful with curly or wavy hair styles where the smooth silk fabric amply minimizes abrasive friction and keeps the curls in as good shape as possible. 


Overall, it’s pretty evident from the above discussions that there are ample sleep caps available in the market for all hair types. However it’s always insisted to go for soft and supple premium sleep caps.

The smoother the fabric, the better it will serve its purpose and get the job done for you. Those with wavy hair are often suggested to pick a generic-sized sleep cap which is neither too long nor too short along with a firm and good fit. 

Considered to be the finest sleep cap materials, thankfully, you can get different types of satin and silk caps across different price ranges. Moreover, you can also pick from available prints and styles as well as tie, elastic or even buttons as your preferred adjustability.

If you like exploring a bit more though, you also have other materials based sleep caps like polyesters, but they are not the most recommended nor do they have the diversity of satin or silk. 

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