Do You Use Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

Do You Use Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor?

If this is your first time shaving with an electric razor then you probably might have asked yourself – do you use shaving cream with an electric razor?

Well, the answer is: you don’t need shaving cream when using an electric razor. Electric razors are designed to cut hair and all you’ll have to do is lubricate the skin, so your best bet is to use a safe-to-use face wash to remove dirt, grime and dead skin before using the razor.

Some men prefer to use wet electric razors and these are the kinds of razors that are safe to use with shaving cream. However, there are some factors you have to consider before using a shaving cream with an electric razor.

Today, I’m going to talk about if you should or shouldn’t use shaving cream with an electric razor. I will also highlight a couple of tips you can follow in order to have a close and safe shave.

Let’s Begin!

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Do You Use Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

Okay, so the shocking answer to this is, sometimes. The thought of using shaving creams when you’re shaving with an electric razor might seem crazy.

You can picture that huge mess created all over your face and worse, with your razor which runs on electricity.

The whole idea sounds destructive, that’s gonna require a lot of cleaning or maybe buying a new razor in the end because the old one has been completely damaged doesn’t it?

A lot of electric razors out there is no doubt for dry shave purposes, where you definitely, absolutely don’t wanna use a shaving cream while using them.

But, nowadays, there are a number of new generation electric razors, that have been given the name ‘wet electric razors’.

These electric razors were primarily made for wet shaving purposes and can be easily operated even in the showers, with shaving creams, to give that super clean and extra close shave, without any of the mess you can think of.

Do You Use Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

However, there are a few points to look at here.

  • First, when you spread your shaving cream across your face, you wanna make sure the lather is not very rich, which can clog or jam your electric razor, giving you a shaving experience that is uneven and unpleasant. Instead of lathering it up, try and use a light and thin lather.
  • You can also try something that is a bit less pillowy or designed to be less foamy when lathers. A good option for this is shave butter.
  • Apply it and let it sit there for at least a few minutes to really soften down your hair, which is a must for that smooth and clean shave.
  • Also, just like after when you shave using a razor, the way your skin feels a bit tingly and sensitive, you might have the same aftershave experience even after shaving with a razor.
  • Here, you have to do what you do with your usual aftershave razor aftershave routine, apply an ample amount of a good moisturizer.

Steps to a Great Shave Using an Electric Razor

It’s not as tough as it seems. Your shave shouldn’t feel like a hassle nor should it leave your face feeling itchy and irritated with all those patches of unshaven hair investing a little time and effort into it gives you an enjoyable shaving experience and amazing results every time.

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Washing Your Face properly

Do You Use Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

Firstly just clean your face with a good quality face wash or any mild exfoliating scrub or cream which suits your skin.

Give your stubble a nice wash before shaving and soak it nicely with some warm water so that it will make your bristles soft and easy to shave. It won’t tug that much too and will irritate you less and gives you more comfort while shaving.

It is best if you shave right after a warm shower or a bath and it is less time taking too. As a pre-shave face wash or beard shampoo, you can go for the shaving gels as well.

Massage Your Skin Well

Do You Use Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

Thoroughly massage your shaving cream shaving oil or shaving gel all across your stubble or beard and make sure every part is properly covered with the foam, especially the areas that are sensitive and more prone to rashes and irritation.

Massaging before shaving really helps lift the bristles and makes it easier for you to shave. It even ensures the coverage properly.

Shave! Shave! Shave!

Do You Use Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

Any wet electric razor of your choice, but should be clean and properly equipped. If the blade of your razor is not that sharp and feels a little blunt then you better replace it before your shaving. Take it easy and slow, don’t rush.

And don’t compress too hard. Rinse the mouth of the electric razor under clean warm water you can also use soap to further clean it.

And it ensures you get the most bristles in a single stroke. If you shave your hair against the direction of your hair growth then it can get cause redness and razor burn.

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That’s why you should always shave your hair in the direction from where it has started to grow as this can give the less chance of tug and pull or irritation while shaving.

To be honest this starts from down on the chin and ends upwards on the neck.

If you are not sure just run your finger all over your face to see from which direction the hair has started growing. Take very special care when you are shaving around your neck area.

Focus on short gentle strokes and keep rinsing the mouth of your electric razor at regular intervals of time.

Rinse Your Skin Properly

Do You Use Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

Rinse your face with cold water after shaving, it will help to remove whatever shaving debris and any facial hair on your skin. It will also close up the pores of your skin nicely and your skin will naturally get protected. After this clean your face properly and dry with a clean towel.

Don’t rub your face as this can be a reason for rashes and irritation to your freshly clear skin.

Lap on a Good Moisturizer

Do You Use Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

A good moisturizer after you’re done with your shaving routine is always a big yes. Any moisturizer, that is not harsh on your skin will do the job for you.

But If you are very specific about your aftershave products, you can also go for aftershave balms in the market that suit your specific skin type.


Do the number of heads in the electric razor matter?

Definitely. In fact, if you haven’t bought you’re electric razor yet, we highly recommend you to go for one that has at least three or more heads.

Electric razors that have less than three heads make the job pretty messy for you, while also not delivering precise results.

What speed is best while wet shaving with an electric razor?

This one is especially for men who have a pretty thick beard. 13,000 CPM is your ideal speed to go with if you are someone with quite a dense beard.

An electric razor that has a built-in turbo mode in it is also a good choice for such men to achieve clean results.

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What should be the direction to shave in while using electric razors?

When shaving with an electric razor, find the direction of the growth in various parts of your face and shave against the grain.

Varying the directions as you move your razor is also a good practice achieve precise results. Try to move up, down, left to right, clockwise, and counter-clockwise.

Do I need to prepare my skin before shaving with an electric razor?

Of course. Shaving is shaving, no matter what the technique is. Both traditional and modern shaving routines and tools work best on well-prepared skin, and save them from any potential cuts or bruises, while also delivering the best results.

Start with properly cleaning your face, and applying a good pre-shave cream or product. Try different practices to see which one works best on your skin.

Should I use an electric razor with or without a cord?

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter, as long it is a good quality electric razor and brings you desired results.

But one thing to look for is that if you are using an electric razor without a cord, make sure it is properly charged before you start shaving with it.

Running out of battery in the middle of your shaving routine is the last thing you wanna experience right.


And that’s about it. We hope you got your answer to the question of using shaving creams with electric razors.

As we always mention, it’s a practice of trials and errors, and really figuring out what makes you feel your best and delivers your results, which is the key to getting that perfect looking and feeling shave.

Types of razors are just a medium to take you to that shave you’ve always dreamt of. Pay attention to your techniques and see the results coming in.

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