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Types of Hitler Youth Haircuts: 10 Must Know Hairstyles for Men

 A haircut that once was hated, and yet this hairstyle is among the few things Hitler could take the credit for and it spread over the world. The hitler haircut, also referred to as an undercut, remains one of the most popular hairstyles for boys and men, specifically the hitler youth haircut.

And now back to the present day, many male celebrities wore this haircut and made it more known, see this hairstyle for yourself and decide if you want this haircut as well!

Hitler Youth Haircut

There is no doubting the allure and power of a stylish hairdo. Men’s hair can be styled in a countless number of different ways, from short, stylish cuts to tough man buns, undercuts, and daring faux hawks.

Ultimately, a tidy hairdo is the way to go if you want to catch that special someone’s eye, whether you’re a polished professional or a casual guy. You better try Hitler Youth Haircut!

Today’s youth are rocking the hitler youth haircut on an increasing number of times. This style of haircut has trimmed sides and lengthy hair on top that is arranged in such a way with gel.

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The haircut, sometimes known as an “undercut,” which was trendy from the 1920s through the 1940s, made a comeback in the early 2000s. The sides and back of the head are trimmed exceedingly short, and the top layer has long hair that may be divided in any direction. 

Some sort of styling gel or wax is frequently used to keep the hair on top of the head in place. The National Socialist Party’s numerous military and civilian groups were particularly fond of the haircut.

In essence, it gives males the impression that they are Aryan fascists or members of the Hitler youth. It makes sense now!


1. The Sexy Hitler Youth

Haircut hitler
Source: Instagram @hair.styleclub

To appear sexy, the younger generation wears this look: hitler youth haircut. This style is more hipster-inspired, with the sides shaved and the top hair pomade-styled. This undercut is among the most common styles for sensual haircuts.

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First off, the cut is versatile and looks great on those with straight, curly, or wavy hair.

2. The Wavy Hitler

wavy Haircut hitler
Source: Instagram @shmo.hercuts

Those with long hair might try out this young hitler haircut, which attempts to have bangs on one side while the long and wavy hair on top is combed towards the back. This sleek hairdo is ideal for showing off long hair.

This hairstyle tries to have bangs on one side while the long, wavy hair on top is combed in the path of the front. In addition, wavy hair tends to appear fluffier than it actually is.

The sides are trimmed for maximum control over the appearance so that it doesn’t look shaggy, while the top is more lengthy than the sides.

3. The Slicked Back Hitler Mid-Contour

hitler slicked Haircut
Source: Instagram @_king_cuts_

The slicked back mid-contour haircut has been fashionable since the mid-contour hairstyle was revived by the hipsters. It was popular in Nazi-era in Germany and was known as the Regulation Cut, because the most men in the military wore this Hitler hairstyle back in then. 

Without a doubt, one of the coolest hairstyles out there is slicking your hair back. Anyone may appear mature, sensuous, and professional with this easy-to-wear appearance.

4. The Hitler Messy Quiff

hitler messy Haircut
Source: Instagram @rpb_nq

The quiff is a very stylish and flexible haircut that looks fantastic on the majority of guys. However, those with round face shapes benefit from this style the most. Additionally, all the hair must be brushed forward before being curled into a quiff.

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It will definitely draw attention as a haircut. Add some hairspray to the look towards the end for more volume and shine. 

For that lovely aesthetic, use a textured top that is ruffled. Make a high quiff with the front section by pulling.

Ending with such a high taper at the behind and a temporary fading on the sides. What you end up with is a messy form up that will rock wherever.

5. The Hitler Asymmetric Crop

hitler crop Haircut
Source: Instagram @kevinluchmun

Why would anyone pick symmetrical haircuts when men’s asymmetrical haircuts can look just as visually appealing and well-groomed? This style helps in the creation of height and volume– it’s entirely up to you whether you go for a messy texture or a super-clean appearance.

This short crop haircut will keep it neat and controlled more of a style. Add some thick and heavy texture to the top and make it a bit slanted, a blunt crop around the brow.

Finish the hairstyle with the undercut sides to achieve a rough but stylishly creative military look.

6. The Hitler Flipped Slicked Back Fade

hitler slickback Haircut
Source: Instagram @rpb_nq

Nowadays, modern men who want a polished hairdo and classy men who enjoy its classic vibe both adore slicked back hair. 

Slicking back hair is a highly flexible styling option. It may be used on many different hairstyles and complements the majority of hair types and facial structures. Consider slicking back your hair as the finishing touch for your go-to haircut.

To make your hair less stiff, use Layrite grooming spray. Part the front part and contour the side flip. Make a slick back with the remainder of the hair.

Apply a low tapered fade to the sides that are merged towards the back and with that, the hairstyle is looking good to go!

7. The Hitler Sheared Shape Up

hitler shape up Haircut
Source: Instagram @brandon_dabarber28

The razor-sharp edges of the hair make the sheared shape up haircut simple to recognize. The sleek appearance can be achieved with either straight razors or clippers with exceptionally short guard sizes.

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For an exquisite and elegant contoured profile hairstyle, shear the top of the textured hair. Drop the top into a crisp skin fade with a tapered style in the back.

The end result is a clean and fresh haircut with a dramatic flair finished cut.

8. The Hitler Low Tapered Pompadour

hitler low tap Haircut
Source: Instagram @kithl

Initiating around the ears, the taper gradually cuts the hair shorter and continues to give the look structure. Additionally, it could also give the front and top of the head’s hair the appearance of being thicker and fluffier.

Make the top look like a side split pompadour. Allow the comb section to extend and slide halfway to provide a valley enclosing the pomp, crown, and tapering the sides of the hair.

Finish it with a low tapered fade on the sides of the hair and a smooth finish back on the crown. Blend it in the back for a more elegant look that stands out.

9. The Hitler Tousled Wavy Fade

hitler fade Haircut
Source: Instagram @rpb_nq

A looser variation of the well-known Caesar cut. This look gives a typical clean-cut look a little bit of a silly side. Excellent for people who wish to refresh their appearance without going far off the usual path.

The sides are strictly restricted by form, much like poetry; a crisp fade that gradually rises into a platform of hair 

Style it into tousled waves at the top to add some dramatic flair. To separate your beard, create a low fade haircut at the sides and the back. So there you have it—a really cool haircut which will impress everyone

10. Hitler High Skin Fade

hitler high fade Haircut
Source: Instagram @rpb_nq

A high skin fade includes shaving the hair clean to the scalp beneath the high fade line for a clean, crisp appearance. You can play with your top-down hairstyle while leaving the sides and back of the head free of any worry with this contemporary, low-maintenance style. 

With a high, tight skin fade that has a taper at the back, make it a show-stopper.

Hilter Youth Hairstyles

Moreover, in the field of men’s haircuts, the Hitler youth haircut is a recent fad. It’s kind of cool and offers a respectable appearance for individuals considering their options for retro haircuts.

Many people who want to give their hair more confidence have chosen this trendy hairstyle, which has historical roots in the Hitler era.

If you want to fall in line, the 10 examples listed below can be the ideal place to start and find out exactly which would work best for one‘s face shapes. Check these out boys!

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