How Long Does A Perm Last For A Man

How Long Does A Perm Last For A Man?

Are you looking to get a perm done, but are wondering just how long does a perm last for a man? Read on to find out everything there is to know about getting a perm and how to maintain it.

There’s no doubt around why the hairstyle is getting so popular among people, especially Gen-Z men. But every new trend or style comes with its own sets of pros, cons, and complications.

And getting a thorough knowledge of its ins and outs is the only way of avoiding the unnecessary hassle if you really wish to go for it.

A very common question guys have around perm hairstyles is how long does the perm, or the new wavy texture of the hair really last.

Because let’s face it, getting your hair permed is not very cheap, in fact, like most cosmetic treatments, it comes with a price that doesn’t suit the pocket of a common salary man. 

Hence, you should know and consider every single aspect of it to be able to reap the full benefits of the treatment.

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How Long Does A Men’s Perm Last?

How Long Does A Perm Last For A Man

A perm can last anywhere between 2 months to 10 months. But this is not the case with everyone as it solely depends on the maintenance and routine you follow, not to mention the distinct hair types and textures men have.

Some of them have straight hair, which they can find hard to keep permed or curled for a very long time. It will start getting back to its natural texture on its own, once the effect of perming chemicals starts diminishing.

And Guys with naturally wavy hair, or hairs that are not hundred percent straight can be at some benefit here, as the chemicals will be able to hold the hairstyle for a slightly longer period of time in comparison to the ones with silky straight hair.

However, proper care and maintenance still play a big role in keeping the perm fresh for a longer period of time.

Ways to Make your Perm Last Longer

Ways to make your perm last longer

Down here we’ve put together for you some ways which can help your perm last a bit longer than usual:

Good Initial Hair Care

You need to be extra careful and pay extra attention to your hair for the very first 48 hours of your perm treatment. Why? Because freshly permed hair is extremely delicate and a little carelessness can do more damage than good. During this time, keep your hair dry and avoid touching it as much as possible.

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Stay away from brushing and combing it for the time being. Best if you don’t do any kind of hair styling for at least the first week.

In case you struggle and don’t wanna leave your house without any styling, just use your fingers and run them through your hair to give it a little set, that’s it.

Wait for at least 3 days to take shower after the treatment, and when you finally do, make sure to use a good amount of conditioner to soothe your curls.

The structure of your hair is way too malleable during this first week, so the key is to not disturb them during this time which will help them stay intact. You don’t wanna undo your stylist’s hard work, do you?

Get the treatment done by a professional

This is where you should start in the first place when you’re really considering getting a perm. Get it done by a professional, someone who is an experienced hairstylist.

You might get tempted to opt for some places that offer a perming treatment at a relatively cheaper cost but it is not worth it.

You wanna choose the ones that have expert hairstylists, who know what they’re doing. Hair perming treatments involve techniques that call for expertise and experience, which you won’t be able to find in any newly opened, cheap cost salons.

Badly done perm can cause irreversible damage to your hair. So make sure the person who’s touching your hair is a professional, not some amateur stylist.

Shampoo your Hair Less Often

The process of perming your hair will involve the usage of a lot of harsh chemicals, which can make your hair really dry. Excessive use of shampoo can make it drier, and damaged.

What you need at this stage of your hair care is a lot of hydration and protection, not those chemically loaded shampoos that strip all the natural oil and moisture out of your scalp and hair.

It will only take away all the natural sheen and luster of your hair, leaving it all damaged and frizzy with those poorly formed curls. It is recommended to cleanse your hair using shampoo once or to the max twice a week.

Keep your Perms Away from Heat Styling

Bringing your hair in contact with heat can lead to bad frizz, something you definitely wanna avoid when it comes to your newly acquired hairstyle. Your curls might also start losing their structure on the application of too much heat to them.

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So you better look for alternatives before going for heat styling, and you’re able to find one, that’s the best. When out of the shower, instead of picking up a blow dryer let your hair get a towel or air dry.

Keep your perms away from heat styling

And if you ever end up applying heat to your hair, make sure to use a very good heat protectant beforehand. You can also use the diffuser attachment of the hairdryer to reduce the damage caused by heat while also defining your curls.

Also, go for shampoos that are designed particularly for curly hair. sulfate-free ones are a good place to start as they don’t remove that much of the natural oils from your scalp and are lighter on your hair.

Use Deep Conditioning Products

Deep conditioners are basically a blessing for someone struggling with frizzy, damaged hair. And since your hair is chemically treated to create those curls, chances are high that you might develop some frizz too after a certain span of time.

And to top it all, all those styling tools and products that come in contact with your hair, leaving them thin, dry, fragile, and with a lot of splits ends.

A deep conditioner or a deep conditioning hair mask will thoroughly hydrate and nourish your hair, bringing them back to life.

You must use a good hair conditioner after every shampoo wash and include a deep conditioning hair mask in your hair care routine at least twice a week.

Go for conditioners and masks that contain hydrating and nourishing ingredients, and of course, less harsh chemicals. Shea butter and Moroccan oil are good ones to look for, as they are known for their deep conditioning properties.

Take Care of Your Hair while Sleeping

When you lie on your bed and hair comes in contact with the sheets, friction is created between your hair and the sheet, which can have an effect on the overall structure and smoothness of your curls.

Cotton pillowcases just make the situation worse. One way to deal with this is to change your cotton pillowcases with satin or silk ones. This practice will lessen the static, creating a smoother surface for your hair to rest on.

A lot of men also wear a silk or satin hair cap before bed to minimize this friction effect on their hair.


Should you get a perm as a man?

There’s no particular reason why you should not get a perm as a man. If you’re really ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, this is really something worth going for.

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How much does it cost for a man to get a perm?

The cost of getting a perm hairstyle can vary somewhere between $50 to $200, depending upon the type of your hair and the kind of perm you’re going for. But on average, you can expect somewhere around $120 if you’re getting a normal hair perm.

How to tell if a man has a perm hairstyle?

One way to identify if someone has a perm is it won’t be permed at all the places. Also, the curls will be even and well defined, not something messy and all over the place.

Can men with thin hair get a perm?

Absolutely. Thin hair isn’t a problem if you want to get your hair permed. What you should look for is if you have any prior scalp or hair issues. Other than that, there’s no problem with getting a perm on thin hair. And if you’re still not sure, you can always consult your hairstylist for the same and he will guide you through.

Can men of any hair length get their hair permed?

Yes. The length of your hair doesn’t matter as long as you don’t have any prior underlying hair issues. Permed hair looks good on both long and short hairs, in fact, people with longer hair tend to get more inclined towards such hairstyles.

How long does the actual perming procedure take for a man?

Depending upon the length and texture of your hair, it can take somewhere between two to five hours to get your hair properly permed. The professionalism of the stylist and the quality of the perming products being used also play a role in determining how long the entire procedure can take.

Can I use regular hair care products on permed hair?

When your hair is permed, it is basically chemically treated to form those curls. You now have a curly hairstyle, which is also chemically treated, so it’s best to use products that are meant for chemically treated or curly hair as they contain less chemicals in comparison to the normal hair care products.


That’s it. you’re all good to go for your first-ever hair perm. Remember, above all this, always consult your hairstylist before going for a hair perm, or any other treatment you wanna get.

It saves you from a lot of future complications and damage. And that’s where you can get the best ever advice.

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