Best Men's Blazer Jackets

Types of Men’s Blazer Jackets 2022

If you’re planning on heading out this Saturday night, then you’d probably want to look your best. A men’s blazer jacket will ensure that you’re kept warm, look stylish and feel comfortable. 

These forms of outerwear for men are a blend of formals and casuals allowing you to wear them no matter the occasion.

They can be paired with a simple t-shirt or worn over a formal shirt and still look good. You can wear a blazer jacket to attend a zoom call with your management or while heading out for a date with a pretty girl.

Either way, a blazer jacket should and must be a part of your wardrobe. If you don’t have one to wear, it’s time you got yourself one.

So, on that note, I’m going to list out the top 8 best men’s blazer jackets that you can find on sites like Amazon. These products are made from high quality materials, are affordable and look good with anything.

Men’s Blazer Jackets – Buyers Guide

There are many things to consider in order for you to choose the most appropriate blazer jacket for your needs. Not all of them go well with everything and while some do go with a formal shirt and pant, others would blend well only if you’re wearing casual or semi-formal wear.

Here are a couple of things you can look into when buying a blazer jacket for yourself.

  • Fabric – The first point to note when buying a blazer jacket is the fabric it’s made from. Blazer jackets can either be made from Linen, flannel, hopsack or serge and each of them would carry special properties. For example, satin blazers don’t stretch, so if you’re someone with a larger frame or a broader chest, refrain from buying satin. Instead choose a woolen or cotton blazer as they will fit you well.
  • Quality – Another point to consider is the overall quality of the blazer and whether it’s something you see yourself wearing outdoors. All blazers are different and some may be made from low-quality materials (which will reflect in the pricing), others would use high-quality raw materials. Always try on a blazer jacket before buying it to ensure that the material is up to the mark and that the jacket is something that will last for a long time.
  • Single or Double breasted – If you’re keen on getting a blazer jacket for your social events, opt for a single breasted jacket as they are less formal and can deliver a slim appearance. Double breasted jackets are meant for those who attend formal events regularly and would like to dress up stylishly.
  • Versatility – Another thing to consider when buying a blazer jacket is how versatile is it? Do you see yourself wearing the jacket with jeans and a t-shirt or would it be only for formal events and gatherings? Blazers can pretty much be paired with any form of clothing and you can mix and match depending on the type of fit, style, color and sleeve length.
  • Colors – There is no shortage of colors when it comes to blazer jackets for men. The only thing to be careful of is to choose the most appropriate blazer jacket based on the shades in your wardrobe. For example, if you have a large collection of black or blue pants/jeans you can choose a grey blazer jacket as the colors blend really well.
  • Design and Details – There are a couple of minute details you need to keep an eye on when choosing a blazer jacket. Check the button count, whether the blazer is structured or not, if the jacket has pick stitching or if it comes with a pocket square.

How to wear a blazer jacket casually?

Blazers can be worn by any and everyone. They deliver a clean and casual look when paired with the right pieces of clothing.

  • If this is your first time wearing a blazer jacket, stick to one that is unstructured if you want to have a really good casual appearance.
  • Always stick to thin materials such as cotton or linen during summer and choose a woolen or one that’s made from tweed for the winter season.
  • Blazer jackets can be paired with sneakers, jeans or a t-shirt for a stylish but relaxed look.
  • Make sure the blazer jacket fits just right and it should not be too loose or too tight.
  • Shirts are a big no-no especially if you’re trying to pull off a casual look. If you wish, you can use a polo neck shirt instead of a full-button shirt.
  • For a casual look, refrain from wearing formal shoes. Stick to casual sneakers or loafers as these will keep you comfortable and improve your overall stylish look.

Top 8 Best Men’s Blazer Jackets

Coofandy Casual Suit Blazer Jacket

Best Men’s Blazer Jackets

The Coofandy casual suit blazer jacket is by far one of the best men’s blazer jackets you can buy. It’s made from a high quality blend of polyester and cotton making it lightweight and easy to clean. This jacket comes in over 15 different color choices and is available in sizes ranging from Small to XXL.

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This blazer jacket for men features an excellent stitch finish and comes with a single button closure near your gut. The blazer jacket also has a left exterior chest pocket, two front rockets on either side of the jacket and a single interior pocket large enough for you to safely store your wallet or cash.

Key Features

  • Material – Polyester & Cotton
  • Size – S – XXL
  • Colors – Dark Black, Navy, Green, Blue, White, Gray, Wine Red, Khaki
  • Closure – Single Button
  • Best For – Parties, Dinner, Weddings, Banquets, Dances

 Beninos Slim Fit One Button Blazer Jacket

Best Men’s Blazer Jackets

The Beninos slim fit one button blazer jacket is a fantastic choice for men that’s available in over 5 different colors and sizes ranging from Small to XL. This jacket is slim fit and can be matched with jeans, formal pants, shirts and even tshirts depending on what your plans are.

This jacket features a single pocket located on the inside where you can easily store your phone or cash and the three pockets on the exterior of the jacket are not real pockets, but intended for style. 

The Beninos one button blazer jacket is a great product and probably one of the most affordable on the market. Who said that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to look good when there are hundreds of products under $50 that do the same job.

Key Features

  • Material – Cotton
  • Size – S – XL
  • Colors – Black, Navy, Grey, Burgundy
  • Closure – Single Button
  • Best For – Parties, Dinner, Weddings, Formal Events

Yunclos Slim Fit Casual Blazer Jacket

Best Men’s Blazer Jackets

One of the best looking blazer jackets for men is the slim fit from Yunclos. This brand has been making some of the most affordable and stylish looking blazer  jackets for men over the years and today we’re highlighting their notched lapel slim fit jacket.

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This blazer jacket is extremely comfortable to wear and has been made from high quality cotton with polyester lining. It features a single button closure and comes with two front flap pockets on either side of the jacket.

Ideal for all types of occasions, this jacket will easily make you stand out from the rest of the crowd thanks to the notched lapel and sophisticated look this jacket brings. It’s also machine washable and can be dried using an iron so maintenance of this blazer jacket is rather straightforward and easy.

Key Features

  • Material – Cotton & Polyester
  • Size – S – XXXL
  • Colors – Black, Blue, Green, Burgundy, Navy, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • Closure – Single Button
  • Best For – Parties, Dinner, Weddings, Formal Events

Haggar Active Stretch Series Blazer Jacket

Best Men’s Blazer Jackets

Here’s a brand that never goes out of style, Haggar is well known for their comfortable outerwear made from high quality materials. Their active series range of blazer jackets are some of the best casual/formal wear you can find. This jacket features a classic fit and looks great for formal events.

It comes with a two button closure at the front and is equipped with two front waist pockets on either side of the  jacket and a single chest pocket, all the pockets are real and can be used to store your wallet, cash or mobile phone.

The active series blazer jacket can only be dry cleaned so don’t mistake it for a machine washable piece of clothing and ruin it. It’s made from polyester and is lightweight, but the only drawback is the price. While the most affordable variant of this jacket starts at $68, the price can go up all the way to $300 depending on the size and length you opt for.

Key Features

  • Material – Polyester
  • Size – 40 – 52 Tall
  • Colors – Black, Blue, Gray
  • Closure – Two Buttons
  • Best For – Dinner, Weddings, Formal Events

PJ Paul Jones Casual Suit Blazer Jacket

Best Men’s Blazer Jackets

This casual one button blazer jacket from Paul Jones is a pretty decent product in my opinion. It is made from a blend of cotton, rayon and spandex and looks stylish and casual no matter what you’re doing. The jacket features a notch lapel, single button closure, two exterior insert pockets and two real interior pockets on either side of the jacket.

It is best suited for casual events, get-togethers and goes well with a white t-shirt and jeans. It’s available in a range of colors and sizes making it perfect not only for adult men but even young adult men who are looking to go out for a night around town.

Key Features

  • Material – Cotton, Rayon, Spandex
  • Size – Small – XXL
  • Colors – Black, Blue, Gray, Olive, Red, Navy
  • Closure – One Button
  • Best For – Dinner, Weddings, Formal Events, Casual Events

Ween Charm Slim Fit Blazer Jacket

Best Men’s Blazer Jackets

The Ween Charm slim fit blazer jacket is a rather cool product on this list. It looks really good when worn with a white shirt and can be easily paired with jeans or even slim-fit formal pants. It’s one of the best suit sport jackets around that provides you with a very stylish and fly look.

This jacket comes equipped with a 3-button closure unlike all the two and single button closure blazer jackets we’ve covered and it’s made from bi-stretch fabric allowing you to flexibly move around.

It’s the ideal choice if you’re heading out for a date or to meet a bunch of friends at a pub nearby. What we loved about this jacket is that it comes with 3 buttons on the lapel similar to the closure buttons and this provides the jacket with an even more sophisticated look. Definitely one you should consider trying out today.

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Key Features

  • Material – Cotton, Polyester
  • Size – Small – XXL
  • Colors – Black, Blue, Gray, Olive, Red, Navy, White, Burgundy
  • Closure – Three Buttons
  • Best For – Dinner, Weddings, Formal Events, Casual Events

Goodthreads Twill Blazer Jacket

Best Men’s Blazer Jackets

If you’re in the market for a good quality casual jacket that will look great on anything and keep you warm then the Goodthreads twill blazer is the one to get. This jacket comes with a double button closure design and is available in a range of sizes so you can get one irrespective of your age.

The jacket is made from a blend of 98% cotton and 2% polyester which is easy to clean, comfortable to wear and lightweight. It’s designed to fit close to the body and offers high levels of breathability allowing you to stay fresh,

The Twill jacket comes with three exterior pockets that can store your phone, wallet or cash and you also get a single interior pocket. We loved this jacket because it’s quite soft to wear and you honestly won’t feel like you’re wearing a blazer jacket.

Key Features

  • Material – 98% Cotton, 2% Polyester
  • Size – Medium Tall – Large
  • Colors – Black, Charcoal, Olive, Khaki
  • Closure – Two Buttons
  • Best For – Dinner, Formal Events, Casual Events

Ralph Lauren Ultraflex Corduroy Blazer Jacket

Best Men’s Blazer Jackets

Ralph Lauren is a brand that we’re all familiar with. It’s one of the largest clothing brands in the world with stores all over the world. Though their products are not that affordable and would be over $100 on average, we would like to mention that their ultraflex corduroy jacket is worth every cent.

This jacket is made from high corduroy and comes with faux-suede elbow patches that look wonderful. It’s not a slim-fit design so don’t expect the jacket to be tight around your chest, rather the ultraflex features a classic fit design that lets you freely move around.

The jacket is equipped with a two button closure, four button cuffs, two front flap pockets, an internal buttoned pocket and two internal welt pockets near the center vent. The only thing  you should worry about is the maintenance, because unlike cotton, this jacket can only be dry cleaned and that could be an extra burden.

Key Features

  • Material – Corduroy
  • Size – 40” – 48”
  • Colors – Black, Camel, Brown, Red
  • Closure – Two Buttons
  • Best For – Dinner, Formal Events, Casual Events

FAQ’s on Blazer Jacket for Men

Is it okay to wear a blazer jacket with jeans?

Blazer jackets paired with jeans will give you a casual appearance and is something you should consider donning while heading out for a dinner date or to a party.

How long should the blazer jacket be?

Blazer jackets should not go beyond your crotch and you will have to make sure the size, shape and fit are correct.

Which is the most versatile blazer jacket?

The most versatile blazer jacket you can find will be one that uses dark natural tones such as grey, navy blue or black. These colors sit well with any pair or jeans, t-shirt and even chinos.

What shoes can I wear with a blazer jacket?

If it’s a casual look you’re gunning for, sneakers and loafers will look good. However, if you’re planning on a formal or semi-formal look, a nice pair of loafers or formal shoes will look great.

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