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Types of Men’s Rings 2023 | Which are the Popular Ring Designs for Men?

Are you looking for the best men’s rings? Well, here is the fashion guide that will help you pick the top men’s rings for accessorizing and fashion purposes. Read further to know more about it. 

Rings are often only associated with women or something only someone would wear when they’re engaged or married. But, in recent times men’s rings have really become a thing and we see so many people sporting it for fashion. 

Rings for men were trendy earlier where men would dress up in emo fashion or punk style but soon that faded away. They’ve made a comeback in recent times and I must say, it’s for the good. They look really fashionable and out of the box. 

If you’re someone who is looking for the most stylish rings for men, you’re at the right place. I discovered the ring’s fashion recently and I’m glad to say that I’m obsessed with it. I wear different kinds of rings with different outfits and it’s almost become a daily fashion for me. 

So, if you’re looking to try this fashion statement and are looking for some men’s fashion rings suggestions, here we are for you! Let’s find out the best men’s rings below! 

Top 10 Men’s RingsWhat are they known for
HAMANY Stainless Steel Claddagh RingIntricate Celtic knot eternity design in stainless steel
King Will Basic Tungsten RingSleek look with matte brushed finish and silver/blue highlights
King Will Intertwine Ring for MenMatte black with an intertwined chain over the top in stainless steel
Kryptek Camo Silicone Ring by Groove LifeUber cool design on a sweat-free durable silicone band
Deinxoz Vintage Jewelry Detachable Men’s Ring Premium titanium base with a deatachable crucifix design
King Will Glory Tungsten Carbide 24k Gold Plated Men’s Ring Tungsten carbide material with 24k gold plating
Chimoda Mens Silver Ring with Black Onyx Stone925 Turkish sterling silver with a woven band and black onyx at the crown
Gucci Icon Ring Yellow Gold Men’s Ring18k gold with black synthetic corundum and Gucci branding along the band
Kingsman Coslive Signet Men’s Ring Good quality zinc alloy ring that’s gold in color and features the kingsman branding at the top of the crown
Geoffrey Beene Stainless Steel Men’s Comfort Fit Mesh RingMesh finish and versatile design made from high quality stainless steel

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Top 10 Best Men’s Rings

HAMANY Stainless Steel Claddagh Ring

Best Men’s Rings

The HAMANY Jewelry Men’s Stainless Steel Claddagh Ring with Celtic Knot Eternity Design is a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry that is perfect for those who appreciate traditional Irish culture.

The Claddagh ring design, which features two hands holding a heart with a crown on top, is a well-known symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. The ring is made of stainless steel, which is a durable and long-lasting material that is resistant to tarnishing and rusting.

It’s super comfortable to wear and it fits well. The high-polished finish gives it a sleek and sophisticated look and I appreciate that it comes with a velvet jewelry pouch, making it a great gift option. The ring is also available in different sizes, so you can choose the size that fits you perfectly.

Key Features

  • Premium stainless steel (316L)
  • Silver color and available in over 10 sizes 
  • Durable and offers a comfortable fit

King Will Basic Tungsten Ring

Best Men’s Rings

The King Will Basic Tungsten Ring for Men is a high-quality, durable ring that is perfect for any occasion. The ring is available in six different widths (6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm) and two color options, silver and blue.

Tungsten is extremely durable and scratch-resistant, making the ring perfect for everyday wear. The matte brushed finish gives it a modern and sleek look and the ring sits comfortably on your finger without causing any discomfort or irritation.

I found this ring to be a great option for anyone looking for a durable, high-quality ring that is available in a variety of widths and colors.

Key Features

  • Comfortable and smooth fit
  • High quality Tungsten
  • 2 different colors
  • Electroplated with a matte finish
  • Durable 

King Will Intertwine Men’s Ring

Best Men’s Rings

This is an extremely stylish ring for men, especially the design. It’s made with high quality stainless steel material that’s healthy and durable for a long time.

It’s crafted with advanced technique that has a smooth and comfortable fit, electroplated and the colour retention is good. 

The ring is known to soothe anxiety and other issues. It can be paired with any outfit. It’ll definitely stand out. It looks masculine and shines so fine.

It’s one of the best men’s rings in black colour. The ring is also affordable and comes in 3 different colors you can choose from. 

Key Features

  • Comfortable and smooth fit
  • High quality stainless steel material 
  • 3 different colours
  • Electroplated
  • Durable 

Kryptek Camo Silicone Men’s Ring 

Best Men’s Rings

Kryptek Camo ring is an ultimate ring that looks uber cool when worn because of the cool patterned ring it is. It’s made with high quality silicone material and goes on for a lifetime without getting discoloured or broken. 

This ring is extremely comfortable and breathable that you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing. It also doesn’t result in sweaty fingers which is definitely the best part. It’s made with elastomer blend that’s used in hospitals and is safe to wear. 

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You’ll find this ring in 4 different colours, all are equally beautiful and unique. It’s a little expensive but worth it because of the high tech and also a lifetime warranty. The ring has 8 sizes. It’s definitely one of the best men’s rings I’ve ever worn. 

Key Features

  • Silicone material 
  • 4 different colours
  • No sweat 
  • Lifetime coverage
  • 8 different sizes

Deinxoz Vintage Jewelry Detachable Men’s Ring 

Best Men’s Rings

Deinxoz vintage ring reminds me of the old grunge outfit rings that people wore because of the design. It has a crucifix on it. The ring size is 8mm and it’s made with premium quality titanium steel material. The ring is versatile and looks good with all outfits, even formals. 

It’s the best affordable men’s ring to have. There are 7 sizes of the ring you can choose from and it’s also detachable. 

Key Features

  • Unique design 
  • Premium quality titanium steel material 
  • Versatile
  • 7 ring sizes
  • Detachable 

King Will Glory Tungsten Carbide 24k Gold Plated Men’s Ring 

Best Men’s Rings

Another King Will ring that you should definitely have is this one. It’s 24K gold plated and is obviously expensive but if you’re a fan of gold this men’s ring designs in gold is the best choice. It’s a little weighty, durable and made with genuine tungsten carbide. It’s amongst the best men’s rings.

It fits comfortably and looks super elegant. You can sport it during parties, special events, weddings etc. This King Will ring is scratch resistant as well. King Will is definitely one of the best men’s rings brands out of all the others. 

Key Features

  • Elegant style
  • 24k plated gold
  • Genuine tungsten carbide
  • Scratch resistant 

Chimoda Silver Ring with Black Onyx Stone Men’s Ring

Best Men’s Rings

Chimoda Silver ring is one of the best men’s rings with black onyx stone that makes it stand out of the box.

It’s a silver sterling handmade turkish jewelry that looks absolutely stunning when worn. The design of this ring is extremely beautiful and will look perfect for formal occasions. 

This silver solitaire ring is one of the most elegant pieces in the frame. It’s a little expensive as it’s made with sterling silver but worth it.

You can also find other stones on the ring which also look equally beautiful. There are different sizes from 4mm to 8 mm in this ring. 

Key Features

  • Turkish sterling silver 
  • Weighty and comfortable
  • Perfectly polished and elegant
  • 12 different sizes

Gucci Icon Ring Yellow Gold Men’s Ring

Best Men’s Rings

This Gucci ring is one of the most iconic rings in this list. It’s authentic and expensive but if you’re a fan of wearing high-end brands, you’d definitely love it.

The interlocking Gucci logo is made with 18K gold and black synthetic corundum. 

This Gucci ring is hypoallergenic and free of nickel material. It’s made with highly sustainable materials and is safe for the environment.

The ring is super elegant and perfect to pair with all the outfits although wearing it to formal occasions will make more sense because it’s expensive. 

Key Features

  • 18K gold and black synthetic corundum
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Nickel free material 
  • Elegant design

Kingsman Coslive Signet Men’s Ring 

Best Men’s Rings

This Kingman signet ring is one of the best men’s rings that you’d love if you’re into antiques.

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It’s made with high quality 100% zinc alloy and is of gold colour. It looks great when worn and can even be used as a prop in dramatic plays etc. 

This ring is cheap as well. There are 4 sizes available for this ring. It also makes for a perfect gift for friends and family. It fits comfortably and is easy to remove. 

Key Features

  • 100% zinc alloy material 
  • Gold colour
  • Antique replica
  • Versatile

Geoffrey Beene Stainless Steel Mesh Men’s Ring

Best Men’s Rings

The Geoffrey Beene ring is definitely amongst the best men’s rings on Amazon to buy.

This ring is extremely versatile and looks great on any outfit you’d like to pair it with. It’s made with high quality stainless steel material. It slides easily and fits snugly, 

This ring is available in silver, black, and gunmetal and in sizes from 9-12. The mesh design looks super amazing and elegant. 

Key Features

  • stainless steel material 
  • 3 colors and 4 sizes 
  • Snugly fit
  • Versatile

Rings For Fashion

Gone are those days when rings were only worn for special occasions. Rings have now become a fashion statement of sorts and look uber cool when accessorized.

Check out our suggestions for the best men’s ring if you’re looking for getting yourself one. 

How to select the right ring for a man?

When choosing a ring for a man, there are several things to consider in order to ensure the right fit and style.

First, consider the occasion for which the ring is intended. Is it a wedding band, a class ring, or a fashion accessory? This will help narrow down the options and ensure the ring is appropriate for the event.

Next, think about your personal style and preferences. A simple, classic band may be a better choice for those who prefer a minimalist look, while a bold, statement ring may be more suitable for someone who likes to make a fashion statement.

You should also consider the material of the ring. Gold, silver, and platinum are popular choices for rings, but there are also options in stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten. While considering the material look at one that’s durable and requires less maintenance.

Now that you’ve shortlisted your ring selection it’s time to check if the right size and fit is available. Make sure to get the correct measurement of the finger or if it is a surprise, try to get the ring size from a ring that the other person wear frequently.

Finally, think about any special meaning or symbolism that you want the ring to convey. Some rings, such as Claddagh rings or Masonic rings, have specific meanings and are often used to symbolize a particular sentiment or belief.

So, the key to selecting the right ring is to consider your personal style, the occasion, the material and the ring size.

It’s also important to think about any special meaning or symbolism that you want the ring to convey and since there are so many different rings to choose from you may find it a tad difficult to pick the right one without knowing what to look for.

What are the different types of finger rings available for men?

There are several types of finger rings available for men. However, some of the popular styles are the ones listed below:

  • Signet Rings: These rings have a flat surface that is engraved with a design or initials. They are typically worn on the pinky finger.
  • Claddagh Rings: These are traditional Irish rings that feature two hands holding a heart, with a crown on top. They are often worn as a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship.
    • Statement Rings: These rings are designed to make a statement with their bold and unique designs. They can be made of precious metals or have large stones or intricate details.
    • Spinner Rings: They have an outer band that spins around an inner band. These rings are often used as a fidget tool or as a symbol of spiritual beliefs.
      • Dome Rings: These rings have a raised center section, giving them a dome-like shape. They can be made of a variety of metals and can feature intricate designs or gemstones.
      • Boho Rings: These rings are inspired by bohemian and hippie fashion, and often feature intricate, colorful designs.
      • Celtic Rings: These rings are inspired by ancient Celtic art and often feature intricate knotwork designs.

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