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Recipe for Men

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Recipe for men was founded by a group of guys with a penchant for the jolly good slide and an active lifestyle. Jesper Rönnbäck (a former member of the Swedish Olympic Freestyle team), Jesper Matsch, and Mikael Snabb developed their friendship and business partnership through sport during college. Although not an ordinary topic of conversation, the idea of men’s skincare came up out of necessity. Skiing in most places is usually hard enough with the cold, dry and windy air. The mountain areas of northern Sweden though are only worse as they have some of the harshest climates in the world!

From the start of 2003, all conversation about turning the idea into a reality came to life. Firmly determined to solve the problem, Rönnbäck, Matsch and Snabb left their full-time jobs in the fall of that year in order to launch Recipe for men. The guys embarked on their journey with a vision to create truly effective skincare products like what Sweden was known for – its design and beauty. More importantly, they knew that if there was any chance for this product line to succeed, it had to be unique enough so as not to compete with other products of its kind while being completely different from those available in the market.

The goal of the Recipe for Men team was to work on product formulations that were effective at high concentrations with smooth textures and subtle fragrances. After almost three years of perfecting, in 2004 the brand launched with its signature red and Scandinavian design that we continue to have today. After receiving much praise and several awards, Recipe for Men has risen to be a top men’s brand in Sweden and is now available in countries around the world.

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