what is a two block haircut

What Is Two Block Haircut? How to ask for it

Wondering what is two block haircut? We have curated a few examples, tips, and guides to maintain a two-block haircut for you check it out!

Is it time for you to try a new haircut that’ll make you stand out from the crowd and look handsome? Well, then it’s the two-block haircut you should probably be going for.

If you’re a K-Pop fan then you might be aware of the hairstyle “two-block” haircut which is a popular haircut most Korean idols have followed.

The two-block trend has made a wave of influencers try this haircut followed by teenagers, school kids, and most youngsters around the globe.

But what is the two-block haircut? To know what’s a two-block haircut, the types of two-block haircuts, and how to get a two-block haircut, keep reading further down below.

Here we’ve brought you everything related to two block haircut that you should know before trying it on. Check them out below!

What Is Two Block Haircut?

A two-block haircut is like any other type of haircut but with different parts of your hair cut in different lengths.

What Is Two Block Haircut
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In a two-block haircut, you’ll find that your hair on the sides and back is cut shorter than the hair on the top of your head. 

The reason for this haircut being named the “Two Block” is because the two blocks of your hair are cut in different lengths such as the hair at the bottom of your head is cut short and the hair at the top is long which means the hair on the top is one block and the hair at the bottom is another block. 

While the hair on the sides and the back are cut quite short with hair clippers, the hair on the top is trimmed with scissors or can be either kept unchanged according to one’s preferences. 

One benefit of a two-block haircut is that not everyone who gets a two-block haircut will end up having their hairstyles looking the same.

how to ask for a two block haircut
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This is because the two-block is a versatile haircut that can look contrasting depending on your hair length, texture, how you want your haircut to look, and how you style your hair as well.

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Hence you can maintain a unique style throughout the period of having a two-block haircut.

Is Two Block Haircut The Same As A Fade Cut?

While there can be a few similarities between a two-block haircut and a fade cut, they are not the same.

short two block haircut
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Similar to the two-block haircut, a fade cut is a type of haircut where the hair on the crown of your head is kept long whereas the hair on the bottom is finely trimmed. 

However, a fade cut is styled differently as in, the hair at the bottom of your head is finely trimmed to make it look like it’s fading to the hair on the top.

A fade haircut provides the illusion of the short strands of hair in the bottom subtly blending in with the hair on the top.

two block haircut men
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In contrast, a two-block haircut doesn’t have a fading or blending illusion to both blocks of your hair.

The top block of your hair has longer strands that aren’t in any way connected to the shorter strands in the bottom block. Therefore a two-block haircut is quite different from a fade cut.

Types Of Two-Block Haircuts

Like every type of haircut, there are variations of haircuts for two blocks as well. Here let’s see some popular and trendy two-block haircuts followed by youngsters nowadays:

  • Two-Block Bowl Cut

A bowl cut is known to be one of the disliked haircuts by men around the world but this upgraded version of a two-block bowl cut is something that’s worth trying.

This haircut requires you to shave the sides of your hair and trim the back of your hair finely while leaving the hair strands at the top long. 

The upper block of your hair is trimmed in different lengths which gives more texture to the overall haircut.

This haircut makes your hair fall down to your forehead hence it can only be styled that way. The two-block bowl cut is one of the most tried haircuts presently.

two block haircut
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  • Middle Part Two Block Haircut

This is another version of a two-block haircut that is suitable for men who love to keep their locks longer.

With the middle part two-block haircut the hair at the back and sides of your head is cut short and the locks on the crown of your head are kept long.

The long strands of your hair are parted from the middle which makes your hair fall on both the sides of your head.

This will cover the trimmed sides of your head and if the hair on the top is long enough it can go over to the back of your head as well. It’s a chic way to flaunt your straight locks.

two block haircut fade
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  • Two-Block With Side Part
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If you’d like to have a sexy haircut then this two-block haircut with a side part is what you should be going for.

The hair starting from the top of your ears is kept short and the same length is maintained to the hair on the bottom of your head at the back as well.

However, the hair on the top is slightly trimmed and is parted from one side.

long two block haircut
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This lets your longer hair strands fall to one side while the short ones are kept on the other side. This also makes your hair fall to the front like bangs and makes you look super handsome. 

How To Ask Your Barber A Two-Block Haircut?

The two-block is a popular haircut in Korea but it might not be quite popular in some countries or some parts of the countries where you reside in.

undercut two block haircut
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Hence, you might not be able to find a barber who can give you a two-block haircut. 

However, don’t let that bother you because barbers are trained professionals and they can easily pull off a two-block haircut if you show them pictures of Korean celebrities with a two-block. 

Professional hairstylists and barbers are even trained to perform a hairstyle by looking at pictures as well hence most barbers won’t find it tough to replicate a haircut by taking inspiration from pictures.

two block haircut korean
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Find accurate pictures of the two-block haircut you want and take them to a professional barber.

The pictures of two-block haircuts you show them must be precise and lucid. This will help the barber to understand the nature of the haircut and what must be done to provide you with a subtle two-block style.

Make sure to let your barber know that you’re not looking for a fade cut and that you just want the bottom hair to be cut short and the hair on top to be kept long with a disconnected look.

Ways To Maintain A Two-Block Haircut

For first-timers, it can be quite intricate to maintain a two-block haircut, but you will get used to it over time if you follow these valuable measures.

  • After getting your desired two-block haircut make sure you comb your hair regularly. This can avoid your hair at the top getting tangled and messy. 
what is two block haircut
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  • When your hair starts to grow it can be a little difficult to maintain especially the bottom block of your hair and it can also look unappealing.
do barbers know what a two block haircut is
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  • Hence, it’s best to use a hair clipper to trim the hair at the bottom which can make your two-block haircut look good as new. If you prefer to trim your hair at the top then you can visit your barber for a simple trim.

What You Should Know Before Getting A Two-Block Haircut

If you’re considering getting a two-block haircut then there are certain things you should consider beforehand.

why is it called two block haircut
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  • We’ve already mentioned that two-block haircuts aren’t quite popular in some conservative areas hence finding hairstylists who can give you a two-block can be limited. Even with the pictures shown, some hairstylists might be inexperienced to perform a proper two-block cut.
  • Styling a two-block haircut can be time-consuming especially if you have curly and thick textured hair. You might have to spend money on hair products like hair gel or wax to ensure your hair stays in place.
how to explain a two block haircut
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  • You will also have only a few styling options to choose from if you get a two-bowl cut. This depends on your hair length. For eg- if you have long hair on the top then you can go for a man bun, ponytail, or braids. However, with short hair, you’re only left with a few options.
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Hopefully, this guide helps you get a two-block haircut conveniently and flaunt your new haircut in confidence.

What Is A Two-Block Haircut: FAQS

Why is it called a two-block haircut?

The two-block haircut is called that way because the hair is cut in “two blocks” as in the hair at the top block is trimmed and the hair at the bottom block including the sides and back is either shaved or buzzed. 

Is two-block haircut and the undercut the same?

The two-block haircut and undercut have a few similarities but they aren’t exactly the same. In a two-block haircut, hair is cut in 2 different blocks as the hair on top is trimmed or left unchanged while the hair on the bottom is completely shaved. Whereas in an undercut or fade cut, the hair is shaved at the bottom and finely trimmed on the top which causes the hair in the bottom to look like it’s fading to the top.

How do you maintain a two-block haircut?

A two-block haircut is easy to maintain if you implement the following hair routine:
– Use a hair shampoo and hair conditioner when washing your hair to ensure your hair retains a smooth texture.
– Brush your hair regularly to eliminate knots and it’ll make it convenient for styling.
– You can use a hair clipper to cut the bottom block of hair including the back and sides once your hair grows.
– Visit a barber to trim the top block of hair according to your preference.

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