What To Wear With White Jeans For Men

What To Wear With White Jeans For Men | 7 Impressive White Jeans Outfits

If you’re wondering what to wear with white jeans for men, check out this styling guide. Here we have top trendy white jeans outfits that will make you look cool, elegant and extremely stylish. Read further to know more.

White jeans are not easy and everyone’s cup of tea. It’s an extremely elegant pair of jeans that might seem a little daunting at first. But once you know how to carry them well, you can ace the game.

One reason you’re not able to pull them off well is because you always keep wondering what to wear with white jeans. If that’s something you’re concerned about, then we’re here to help you with the best fashion advice.

What to wear with white jeans?

Pair your white jeans with a button-down shirt, a blazer, t-shirt, pullover, trench coats and turtleneck, and leather jacket. Different types of shoes that you can wear are boots, sneakers, and formal shoes according to your outfit. Go for contrasting colors between top wear or shoes and white jeans. You can also pair some accessories with rings and chains.

I love sporting a white jeans, it’s one of the most interesting apparels that make you look very confident. Whether it’s a blazer or a minimal shirt, your look will truly be enhanced just by a pair of washed white denims. 

So, let’s find out some of the coolest white jeans combinations for men here so that you’re no more confused about what to wear with white jeans for men. 

What To Wear With White Jeans For Men: Summary

What To Wear With White Jeans For MenOccasionAvailable on
LA LEELA Men’s Camp Hawaiian Shirt Casual wear, Beach wear, Outdoor wear, Party wearAmazon
Men Button Up Solid ShirtOutdoor wear, Party wearShein
Fall Winter Gold Velvet BlazerParty wear, Formal wearAliExpress
Men Flap Pocket Washed Denim JacketStreet wear, Outdoor wearShein
Men Trees & Slogan Graphic TeeCasual wear, IndoorwearShein
KUEGOU PulloverOutdoor wearAliExpress
Men’s Long Loose Trench CoatOutdoor wear, Formal wearAliExpress
poriff Men’s TurtleneckOutdoor wear, Casual wear, LoungewearAmazon
Fahsyee Leather JacketsOutdoor wear, Street wearAmazon

What To Wear With White Jeans For Men

Buttoned Down Shirt + White Jeans

This is a classic combination to wear white jeans with especially for a brunch or a party. If you’re confused about what color shirt goes with white pants then I’d suggest going for contrasting colours like black or brown. These colours uplift the look of brown jeans and enhance you to look elegant and stylish.

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LA LEELA Men’s Camp Hawaiian Shirt 

shoes to wear with white jeans

This shirt will make you look smart and tough, especially if you’re muscular as it’s half sleeved. It gives a vintage look and goes really well with white jeans. You might be disappointed because of the colour I’ve chosen, but trust me it’s one of the best combos.

The shirt is made with soft fabrics and runs a size up. Opt for a fitted size as it will give a better shape to your body, a size or two down from your original. You can also tuck in your shirt as you like it. Sport it on your vacation with a few buttons open from the top.

Men Button Up Solid Shirt

what to wear with white jeans

Black shirt white jeans combination is classic and can never go wrong. This collared button-down shirt looks superb and completely in fashion. You can wear it during summers as the material is quite soothing and soft.

You can pair your white jeans outfit with a black shoes to keep the contrast in line. Make yourself a little more confident with imitation silver jewelleries like rings or a chain. The next time you don’t know what to wear with white jeans for men at a party, pick this shirt!

Blazer + White Jeans

Confused what to wear with white jeans for men at a formal meeting or office? Well, get a blazer that will make you look sophisticated and fashionable. Pick a blazer that contrasts with your white jeans. Don’t go for ripped jeans as it’s not formal. 

Blazer outfits with white jeans look even better if you pair them with boots or formal shoes. Don’t go for informal sneakers or sports shoes as it will destroy the look. You can have a white pocket square on your blazer for creating a colour gap. 

Fall Winter Black Velvet Blazer

white jeans combination for men

This blazer is perfect to be paired with white jeans especially because of the contrasting colour and also the fitted look that it gives you, killer! If you’re confused about what to wear with white jeans for men at a wedding, formal parties or meetings, this should definitely be your pick. 

The blazer is comfortable and true to its size with a single button. There are seven sizes to choose from M to 5XL. It’s perfect to wear in the autumn season.

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 This blazer is also available in other colours like navy blue, blue and red and all of it looks good with white jeans but this is the best pick.

Denim Jacket + White Jeans

Wondering what to wear with white jeans for men with white jeans? Grab a sassy denim jacket!

We all know how cool a denim jacket looks so the white jeans outfit ideas with denim jackets will definitely turn out even cooler. You can pair different types of white jeans like straight fit, regular, skinny jeans as you like. 

If you want your denim jacket lookbook to be a little more funky and street-styled then it’s better you go for men’s white jeans that are ripped. 

Ripped jeans give off a street vibe and look great with a denim jacket. You can also accessorize your look with funky sunglasses, a chain, rings, and a lot more. 

Men Flap Pocket Washed Denim Jacket

white jeans combination shirt men's

This regular fit denim jacket is extremely comfortable. It’s 100% made with cotton and is not stretchable so it’s advised to pick what’s your original size. This denim jacket is perfect if you’re looking for what to wear with white jeans while hanging out with friends. 

Pair your denim jacket look with stylish chains and rings. Go with something of light colour inside to give a contrasting look. 

T Shirt + White Jeans

T-shirts are great fits with denim. So when you don’t know what to wear with white jeans on a lazy day, pick a tee. Go for a white tee with some graphics to create an all white look for yourself. This look is simple yet classy

Men Trees & Slogan Graphic Tee

white jeans combination jacket

This tee is perfect to go for when you don’t know what to wear with white jeans for men. It’s a drop shoulder short sleeve tee that looks great on men of any build. It’s made with 100% cotton and is light and airy for summers. 

You can pair it with white sneakers to complete your all white look and I’m sure you’ll be receiving a ton of compliments. Get ready for it! Rock this look during summers. 

Pullover + White Jeans

A pullover could be a perfect pair if you’re looking for what to wear with white jeans in winter. Try looking for colours other than white. Experiment with the colour palette and look for what looks amazing on you. After all, you’re in control of what to wear with white jeans for men.

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KUEGOU Pullover

white jeans for men

This pullover is amazing especially, the colour. It’s comfortable and fits perfectly. Don’t go for size up as a perfect fit looks good. 

The colour is light but still looks awesome with white jeans and makes a perfect outfit. It’s the perfect pair to go for when you’re confused about what to wear with white jeans. 

Trench Coat and Turtleneck + White Jeans

Looking for what to wear with white jeans for men in winters. Trench coats are really trendy and when you pair it with a turtleneck, it’s nothing but fashion speaking loud. If it’s cold and snowy then you should obviously wear this outfit. 

A trench coat will make you feel like Sherlock for sure and a turtleneck will give you a statement look along with it. If you’re confused about what to wear with white jeans then this is what you should go for!

Men’s Long Loose Trench Coat

what to wear with white jeans in winter

This trench coat of off white/beige colour looks awesome on men and when paired with white jeans gives a classy look. It has chains instead of buttons. The sizes come from M to XXXL. 

The cloth material is perfect and feels warm on wearing. This should be your choice if you’re looking for what to wear with white jeans for men. 

poriff Men’s Turtleneck

black shirt white jeans combination

This turtleneck is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that I’ve ever worn during the winters. It’s perfect to wear inside the trench coat and looks awesome. The entire outfit looks smart and elegant. 

This turtle neck is all you need this winter. Grab it and pair it with your trench coat and white jeans to make a perfect white jeans outfit. 

Leather Jacket + White Jeans

Never out of trend, white jeans combination with a jacket is always classy and especially if it’s a leather jacket.  Leather jacket gives you a statement look and is the perfect combo for a windy or a spring day.

Leather jackets look good when you pick the authentic black color. You should try giving your look a bit of grunge. Give yourself a little over-the-top look with a lot of accessories like chains and rings. You can also get cool sunnies if you’re out on a sunny day.

Fahsyee Leather Jacket

shoes to wear with white jeans,

Want a statement yet grunge look? Get this leather jacket. It’s perfect for all seasons. The collars are super attractive. This black leather jacket will create a color contrast when paired with white jeans and give an edgy look that you’d love. 

White Jeans for the Win

White jeans are great to pair with so many top wear to make mind-blowing outfits. This list of what to wear with white jeans for men will make you look elegant and classy. 

Hope you’ve got these ideas to stick with you when you’re confused about what to wear with white jeans for men.

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