Wilkinson Sword Razor Blade Review

Are you looking for Razor Blade? Well! here is the Wilkinson Sword Razor Blade Review. Read on to find out everything about the Wilkinson Sword Razor Blade and if you should consider switching over to using one.

Wilkinson Sword is a popular British brand that manufactures razors and a lot of different grooming and personal care products. It is owned by Edgewell Personal Care and sells its products primarily in Europe.

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Wilkinson Sword Razor Blade

The company initially started by manufacturing guns, swords, bayonets, typewriters motorcycles, and in 1962, it introduced its first stainless steel razor blades, which rapidly made gains in the market share as one blade, although a bit expensive, lasted for about more than a week, which was almost like a revolution.

The carbon steel blades prior to this one used to rust quickly and people had to buy a new blade almost every single day.

Today, Wilkinson sword blades come to us from Germany and are actually made by Gillette, the company that took over Wilkinson Sword, and it’s pretty cool because Gillette still has got its hands on the double edge safety razor market on the international level.

The blades are still manufactured under Wilkinson’s name, but the company is obviously owned by Gillette.

Wilkinson Sword Razor Blade Review

Product Overview

Wilkinson Sword Razor Blade Review

Wilkinson Sword’s razor blade, being your standard double edge blade, fits in almost all kinds and sizes of safety razors. These blades are more durable and have a more finished surface, thanks to the chromium ceramic they are made up of, and the PFTE coating they’re coated with.

We’ve seen these blades coming in the packages of ten, fifteen, and even a hundred pieces. But they’re also found in some of the sample packs out there which you can easily find online, and if you are someones who want to test the product before going all out on its purchase, this option is definitely for you.

No matter the quantity you wanna purchase, these Wilkinson Sword blades are packed with dispensers, and each dispenser has a set of five blades wrapped in it.

If you choose to buy a pack of a hundred, you end up getting twenty dispensers, and each plastic dispenser has about five blades in them.

The plastic dispenser we’re talking about here is nothing but a plain black plastic container and is covered with a white piece of paper placed on the top, and a Wilkinson Sword logo on it.

And the blades themselves are carefully wrapped in white wax paper, with again, a pattern of the Wilkinson Sword logo on it. Well, who wouldn’t like placing their logo everywhere, especially when we are talking about someone as awesome as Wilkinson’s?

Characteristics And Key Features Of The Wilkinson Sword Razor Blades

The amazing product has quite a few features and characteristics that set it apart from the rest of the razor blades out there. Some of them are

Sharp, Yet not Overly Aggressive on the Skin

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If we talk about the sharpness spectrum, the Wilkinson Sword Razor blades definitely sit at the very end. The blades deserve a good seven, to eight out of ten on the sharpness scale.

Having said that, if you’re looking for a good and sharp razor blade, which is also not very aggressive on your skin, Wilkinson Sword razor blades are the answer to your quest.

While on the second shave, the blades might feel a bit sharper, but again, being sharp and precise and being rough and aggressive are two different things, and these blades are definitely not the latter.

The sharpness of the blades can easily remain fresh for up to three to four shaves before it gradually starts fading with your fifth shave with the blade, but still, not a very significant drop in the sharpness.

During all the five shaves, the blades feel sharp yet comfortable, and glide smoothly across your face, without getting stuck to any of your hair.

You won’t feel like pushing too much and if you want you can continue using the same blade even after the fifth shave to see for how long does the sharpness remains. Though it perfectly stays for the first five shaves.

Easily Glides Across the Face and Neck Without Causing a lot of Irritation

Okay not just the sharpness, the Wilkinson Sword blades really stand out when it comes to lasting smoothness. There are blades that are sharp but very rough at the edges, and the chances of cutting cuts and bruises are quite high if you shave using those low-quality blades.

With fourth and fifth shaves, the smoothness dropped a bit, but again, not very significant.

Though you won’t really get any irritation on shaving with Wilkinson Sword blades, there are people with extra sensitive skin, who might feel a slight tingly sensation, a good aftershave product helps there.

Just how awesome it is to have blades that are sharp and smooth enough to glide across your face without causing any cut or irritation.

The problem that comes with sharp blades is that although such blades are excellent for shaving because of their sharpness, the over-sharp edges often get way too aggressive, and end up causing cuts and bruises along with your shave.

But with Wilkinson Sword razor blades there is no such thing as roughness on your skin. Along with sharp edges, you get smoothness that gives you remarkable shaving sessions without getting any cuts or irritations.

German-Made Razors with Tremendous Quality Control and Consistency

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Products made in Germany have this reputation for being of the most extravagant quality products, great performance, and excellent quality control. And Wilkinson Sword blades are definitely doing justice to this reputation.  

No matter how well a product performs, if they’re not able to live up to the quality control, it disappoints its customers like no other. No one can really compromise when it comes to good quality right.

Each time you put a new Wilkinson Sword in your safety razor, it feels and works exactly like the previous ones. That’s what we call good quality control.

This one quality of these razors has attracted many shaving enthusiasts towards itself. Knowing that you are going to get the exact same result each time you try a new blade in your razor is a huge win-win after all.

And when you know it’s Wilkinson Sword’s, there’s no way it is not going to be relatively sharp, incredibly smooth, and a hundred percent irritation-free. When you are using such razors for your shaving sessions, there’s no such thing as a bad shaving experience.

They are Extremely Durable

The durability of Wilkinson Sword blades can be witnessed by the fact that they are easily able to retain the sharpness and smoothness of the edges for a relatively long period of time.

However, when it comes to the number of shaves you can get out of one blade, they are not any more durable than the average ones in the market.

From talking to a lot of people about their experience with these blades, we came to conclude that the Wilkinson’s Sword blades deliver their best for the first five to seven shaves before they start losing their quality and sharpness.

But that itself is a deal on its own.  Just think about it, if you are able to get at least five good quality saves out of one Wilkinson Sword blade, a pack of hundred blades would last you for about seventy-one weeks, that is about one and a half years!

Isn’t this impressive. And this is just the least you can get. You can also stretch the usage of these blades to get some more shaves out of one pack, but there is no point in doing so and taking a risk against your skin, it has already given you its best performance for quite some time now.

It is definitely on the affordable side already. The blades may not show noticeable durability that is longer than average in the industry, but when it comes to sharpness and smoothness, they make sure to stay in peak performance for multiple shaves.

Wilkinson Sword Blades In Comparison With Other Options

Here we’ve compiled a list of some other options and how Wilkinson Sword compares to them.

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For people who need blades that are even sharper than the Wilkinson Sword, the best option to look at them is probably the Feather double edge blades.

These blades are reviewed by a majority of people out there as the sharpest double-edged blades on the market. It is not going to be any smooth or forgiving on your skin though, which we think is a drawback.

But if you need something really sharp and don’t care about it being aggressive on the skin, this option is for you.

Personna Lab Blue

Okay, Personna Lab Blue is definitely hands down the best alternative you can find to the Wilkinson Sword.

In terms of similarities, both of these options sit above average when it comes to sharpness and smoothness.

This is a great recommendation for beginners getting into wet shaving, but also a great product for men who want a blade sharp but still easy on their faces.

Derby Extra

For absolute beginners, who haven’t yet figured out their best technique, and want something super gentle, this is the blade for them.

Derby Extra double-edged blades are much milder than the Wilkinson Sword, in fact, they’re the mildest option to find on the market. People often think what is the purpose of such blades, which are not even sharp enough and have such mild effects.

Well, not everyone has super fine skin, and this one right here is the best friend of men with sensitive skin. It does the job for them while also being gentle on the face.

How we Rated Wilkinson Sword Blade

These German-made Wilkinson Sword razors have definitely managed to exceed our expectations, and we are definitely ranking these among the top blades in our category.

For edge retention, a 4.8/5, and for smoothness, definitely a 5/5. Your first few shaves will be smooth like butter, and even after that the glide will be easy going and bring the best results, at least for your first seven shaves.

There has been quite a lot of buzz around this product in the market, and we can see and understand why so. From beginners to advanced-level shaving enthusiasts, this product is not going to disappoint you at all.


So there you have it! Everything you need to know before trying out these Wilkinson Sword double edge razor blades, from their ins to outs, to how they stand with other options in the market.

Give them a try and do let us know.

Happy shaving!

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